24 July 2012

Progress and yarn review...

Hello everyone, how has your day been? Today has been a very good day for me! I finished my baby blanket (photos are on the way) and I started a head kerchief, which I love!

I'm halfway through my head kerchief!
And although it has been even hotter than yesterday at nearly 30○C, today has been so much more eventful! Other than my crochet projects, my aunt sent me a pattern for me to test, and I learnt that tomorrow I am going to go wool shopping! I need 5 balls of this lovely yarn and it's my favourite yarn ever!

It's so smooth and it's a pleasure to work with, although it does split quite a bit when you're working with it. It doesn't matter though, because the colours are so amazing and I particularly love this colour scheme.

That's all for today, so have a nice time and I'll write again soon!

Carys ♥

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