29 January 2014


This week's song is by Tokio Hotel, one of my favourite bands! They come from Germany, and the lyrics and video are both so moving. I hope you enjoy this song :)

26 January 2014

Think Happy...16/52...

Hello readers, how's life? Good? It's been alright here in middle of the country, except for the weather! But, I shouldn't complain, I need to be positive!

1. Dance classes. Yet again, this tops my list, along with Cats rehearsals. My friend Hannah wasn't at ballet on Saturday because she was ill, but I spent the time with the other girls.

After dance classes in the afternoon, we had a terrible storm with hail, lightning and thunder, and I had to run out to the car in that awful weather!

I'm known for hating rain, like being totally terrified of heavy rain, so I couldn't stop shaking with this hail coming down! Thankfully it didn't last long - only long enough to drench us!

2. Cats was so much fun today, once we actually found the venue. By the end, I was sweating buckets! I would love to share some photos with you, but the problem is that I don't have the permission from the dancers or our director :(

I think that's all I have time for today, so I'll catch up with you soon!

21 January 2014


I really love this cover of Gotye's 'Somebody That I Used To Know', and they're a band a really enjoy listening to. They have an upbeat sound, and their music is totally different to stuff I always listen to. They have interesting vocals, and the instruments....well, where do I start?!

I hope you enjoy this song as much as I do, and perhaps try listening to some more of their music!

19 January 2014

Think Happy...15/52...

Hello again, how's your week been? Mine's not been too bad, which is, I suppose, a good thing. I just did the things I do every week, but I had fun.

1. Dancing all week! I made a new friend in my street dance class on Monday, did an intense workout with Tan and Hannah in contemporary on Tuesday, and I had a lot of fun yesterday.

As it happens, I ended up not going to Nuneaton since my dance teacher couldn't make it, but she promised that we'll go next weekend. I wasn't too affected by this change of plan, since I still got to use Kirsten's pointe shoes. They have lamb's wool in, which I can't recommend highly enough for pointework! I feel a thing when I'm up, which makes the cramping of my feet the only thing I have to worry about!

Myself and Georgie after her ballet class

Wearing Kirsten's pointe shoes

En pointe

En pointe...again

En pointe with Hannah

Pointe shoes :)
Close up of Kirsten's pointe shoes
See the lamb's wool?

They look so pretty!

They're so soft!

And they're so perfect!

2. Nail varnish! I've been completely obsessed recently, and I've painted my fingernails in a colour scheme I 'borrowed' from a girl at dance and my toenails a sparkly blue!!

3. Cats rehearsals today. I was dancing from 10am until 2pm, and now I'm so exhausted! But I had such a great time, because my friend Tanveer was there (he is the Rum Tum Tugger).

We were in hysterics for most of the time, since he's such a crazy guy! For example, he was 'kicking' me in the face, and sitting on my shoulder. That was the funniest, because he's almost 19, and I'm only 15. So yeah, we had a great time!

Oh, and we wrapped Georgie up in Minnie's knee pads!

Hop you all had a good week!

16 January 2014


So I'm late posting again, silly school! I recently found this song, and I love it so so much; I hope you enjoy it too :)

12 January 2014

Think Happy...14/52...

Oh, so it's Sunday! I had it planned that I was going to post yesterday as well, but I was too busy doing homework :( I had some pretty big news to tell as well! I'll just tell you later instead!

I had a pretty average week, so let's just jump in!

1. School! We went back on Tuesday, which was good because I got to see my friends again! Also, my friend Megan was off for a couple of weeks before the Christmas holidays because of a serious operation she had, and she was back in school, so woooo!!

2. Dancing started back on Monday, which was a lot of fun. I had street dance on the Monday and contemporary on Tuesday - it was a lot of fun to start getting fit after eating so much during the holidays, and it was great seeing more of my friends again.

3. I had lots and lots of dancing yesterday - from 11am until 3:30pm! I had a small lunch break like normal, but my newest change was a 2 hour street dance class.

Want to know why?

It's because have now started rehearsals for when we dance at Sadler's Wells Theatre in London! I'm so very excited because I've never done any dance shows apart from my school's annual one which we do at a local school.

We started learning the first of two routines, it's to the song Dibby Dibby Sound by DJ Fresh. It's a great song to dance to, and we're lucky enough to have Daniel in our school; he does lots of flips and it's really breathtaking!

4. I had Cats rehearsals this morning/afternoon! We've had to change the venue for some unknown reason, back to where I used to dance years ago. It's not my favourite place because it's so tiny, but beggars can't be choosers, I suppose.

We learnt the choreography to the Macavity and Munkustrap fight scene, which is so much fun! A girl from my ballet classes called Beth plays the character of Macavity, and my friend Shane plays Munkustrap, who's the 'narrator' of the show.

We also went over some of the newer numbers we've learnt recently, and did part of a run-through of everything in order. We were missing quite a lot of the principal dancers - Harry, Tan, Freddie, Courtney, Ariane and Milli - some were rehearsing for a school production and some just had family parties and other events on.

But all in all it was really good. When we did the Jellicle Ball (the 12 minute dance), I could feel that the lift Shane and I do is getting much better and smoother and he's more accustomed to my weight, so it feels more secure and comfortable now. I'll try and get a picture of it next week!

That's about it for this week, I think. But before I go, I need to tell you my news!
My pointe shoes are dead! :o

So, basically, this is my second pair in about 8 months, and even then I only wear them for an hour a week, only half of hour of which I'm actually going en pointe. And it's not every week - we have lots of holidays!

In my pointework class yesterday we warmed up in the centre by doing the usual - echappes and releves, and more simple steps to get our feet ready. As usual I was barely managing to do the exercises due to pain in my toes - I thought I just had really bad feet and/or wasn't doing something correctly.

Then we moved to the back of the room and proceeded to to cloche walks to the front, which I eventually managed. Our teacher, Hayley, told us to couru to the back. I got halfway before needing to stop, and then complained to her about not being able to go fully over on my left foot - again, I thought that, as it's my weak foot anyway, I just needed to strengthen it up.

Hayley asked me to take my left shoe off for her to look at. She poked it a bit and then told me it was broken. I gave her my other and let her take them to Kirsten, who studied ballet at another dance school. Kirsten also agreed that my shoes were dead, and let me borrow hers.

As soon as I put her shoes on I actually couldn't feel the floor - it was like walking on air, seriously! Pointework had previously felt so bad to me, but that's how I thought it should be since I've never known anything different, but using these shoes felt like something completely different!

The good news is that next Saturday after my London rehearsals Hayley is taking me to a pointe shoe shop to get her own new pointe shoes and to get some advice about mine, which is really exciting! I honestly can't wait, as I need some with a stronger box and vamp, since mine around completely soft now.

Anyway, that's all for today, have a lovely week, I'll see you all soon. Bye!!

7 January 2014


So, after a break last week, it's time for another song to share with you. I recently discovered this band, and I really really love their music! They're called Hands Like House, and this is possibly the most catchy song ever! Enjoy :D

5 January 2014

Think Happy...13/52...

It's the end of another week, so time for another post! How was your week? I hope it was very good and wasn't too flooded (UK).

Let's just jump in and start :)

1. Sherlock!! Ohmyfudginggod it was soooo good! (Haven't yet watched tonight's so shhhh, no spoilers!)

2. On both Tuesday and Saturday I went to Hannah's house for a makeup day and photoshoot and we got some amazing results from both days! See this post for more :)

3. Cats day on Thursday! We ate blue sweets (which I soon found out I was more or less allergic too xD ) and had 6 hours of pretending to be cats and rehearsing our songs and dances. I don't know whether to be insulted or honoured that our Director, Ethan, moved me from my harmony-group to the boys' (Harry and Shane) harmony-group, and we sing the lowest vocals. Of course, I've forgotten all of my new harmonies so I've just reverted to singing my old harmonies and switching to the main-melody for one of the verses, because I can't hit the right notes for the harmony I need, whatever I do. But I figure that as long as I'm singing one of the existing harmonies and not just make up a random one on the spot then I should be fine and it will all balance out!

I don't think the artificial colouring agrees with me - I ended up with huge rashes up each of my arms on Friday!
4. Cats rehearsals today! We had two new cast members with us today - Tia who plays Bombalurina and Charlotte who plays Grizabella. Charlotte has been away in South America for a long time, so today was the first time most of us have seen her!

We also got my second solo choreographed and found a really easy but beautiful lift for me and Shane to do at the end of it! We then started work on The Aweful Battle of the Pekes and the Pollicles.

5. Parties! I went to three this week. New Year's Eve at my aunt Sally's house, New Year's at my aunt Lisa's house and a surprise party for a family friend yesterday night. He's joining the RAF as an Officer, so we all went along to wish him luck!

This is the new Glitterberry J20, and it's glittery! Ohmygosh I love it! Kind of tastes like Vimto :)

6. New Year! I don't think I need to say anything else, really. I started one of those projects where you take a photo of yourself everyday, I can't wait to see the end result!

That's it for today, I hope you all had a good week! Best wishes to everyone, especially those in the floods, and good luck back at work and school! Bye :)

So What's This 'Secret Thing'?...

Hello all! You know that 'secret thing' I mentioned the other day? Well, I'm allowed to tell you guys now! Nothing crafty, mind, but pretty exciting!

Basically my bestestfriendinthewholewideworldwhoiscalledHannah is taking Art as one of her GCSEs, and she needed a model for some coursework she's having to do. She was trying to recreate the work of an artist called Slaveika Aladjova, and I was more than willing to be her makeup guinea pig and model!

We first met up on Tuesday to try out the first look. These are my two favourite shots from the day!

Hannah did more or less all of my makeup, and all I had to do after that was sit on her very comfy bed and look pretty in front of the camera.

Now for yesterday. I had some blue makeup on today, with smaller cats eyes and flowers in my hair. These photos are now all straight out of camera (SOOC) and so they're unedited.


And now for some of Hannah!


So that's it, I hope you like them!! I'll be writing my normal 'Think Happy' post to release later, but in the meantime, sit back and relax.

3 January 2014

Feeling Inspired and New Year's Resolutions!...

Hello my lovelies! Hasn't time passed so quickly? It only seems like the other day was Christmas, yet it was over a week ago. And it's already January 3rd!

Anyhows, you might have noticed that I've added a Bloglovin' widget to the sidebar. If you hadn't, then, well, you know now. Basically, if you have Bloglovin', all you have to do to follow me is click the picture and you'll be taken to my profile, where you can click the blue 'follow' button!

If you don't have Bloglovin' I'd highly recommend that you sign up. First of all, it's free. Secondly, it's unbelievably simple to catch up with new posts from your favourite blogs. You can just click through them, like them and leave comments as before, it's just much easier!

But if you have your own blog, you can connect it very easily, and watch as the number of followers you have keep ticking up! (Okay, I exaggerate - you still have to work hard to gain recognition, but this way it's much easier for people to find you and, if they like reading your work, follow you).

But I must mention that I only joined yesterday, so I'm not an expert yet! And I joined because my favourite blogger Lily commented on one of my previous posts and suggested it, so thankyou Lily!! I'd highly recommend you pop over to her blog and have a look, she writes about fashion, knitting and life in general, and she's so lovely!!

I hope this year to become a better blogger, really. I'd love to try out more DIYs, and gain more followers (who doesn't?!).

Some personal goals I have are to tone my body, get stronger feet and ankles for my dancing, put more work in towards my ballet, and be more organised. There's also the matter of wanting to become friends with a wider range of people, and try to be more independent.

I think that's all for this post. I'll hopefully have time to post again tomorrow, but maybe not. I'm working on a secret project with my friend Hannah and then I have a (surprise!) party! Bye for now!!

1 January 2014

Happy New Year!...

Happy New Year to you all!! I hope this year will bring luck, happiness and wealth to every single one of you! Thank you all so much for reading my blog - this year I will be trying to  make it travel the world even further and get more international readers.

As for personal wishes, thank you to all of my friends who have stood by me throughout last year.

Hannah, although we haven't even been friends for a year, you have always been there for me more than anyone else has, and apparently I trust you enough to let you do my makeup! You'll make a fab makeup artist!

Nikita, I've 're-known' you for more than a year now, and I have to so I love you to pieces! We always have crazy conversations and you're always there for me!

Enough of the personal wishes, though, I hope all of you have an amazing year, and I'll be here again soon to spill the beans on a new project! Enjoy!