29 May 2014

Get to Know Me...

Are you ready? I saw this posted on Facebook, and I thought I'd attempt to replicate it here. If you make it all the way to the bottom of the list, I dare you to answer the same questions on your blog and send me the link. I'd love to see all of your reactions!

1. Name? Carys

2. Nickname? Don't have one

3. Elementary school? Urm, I'm not going to announce it online, aha :P

4. Tall or short? Kind of in the middle, but more short than tall

5. Sweats or jeans? Jeans

6. Orange or apple? Apple I guess

7. Do you have a crush on someone? Nope

8. Piercings? I have my ears pierced once, that's it

9. Pepsi or Coke? Yuk, I can't stand either!

10. Eat or drink? Eat

Have you ever?

11. Been in an airplane: No

12. Been in a relationship? No

13. Been in a car accident? Yes, although it wasn't serious

14. Been in a fist fight? With my brothers, no doubt

Firsts & lasts

15. First piercing? Earrings, when I was five

16. First best friend? A girl I was in preschool and reception with called Lauren

17. First award? Probably a dance one xD

18. First crush? I don't remember what I ate yesterday, let alone that!

19. First word? I don't know

20. Last person you talked to in person? My mum, but if family doesn't count, then it was Jack on Sunday

21. Last person you texted? Harry

22. Last friend you watched a movie with? I watched a movie with my family yesterday...

23. Last food you ate? Fish :)

24. Last movie you watched in the cinema? Maleficent

25. Last song you listened to? This one

26. Last thing you bought? Pointe shoes I think

27. Last person you hugged? Kalyn, Ella or Alanah, I don't remember!


28. Food? Lasagne

29. Drink? Orange and Passionfruit J20

30. Flower? Sweet pea

31. Animal? I have no idea!

32. Colour? Lilac

33. Place? As in, country? Place to be? My room probably

34. Movie? Closer To The Edge, that's the only one I can think of right now

35. Subject? Maybe German, or Textiles

Have you ever...

36. Fallen in love with someone? Not knowingly

37. Celebrated Halloween? Nope

38. Went over the minutes/texts on your phone? No (I'm starting to sound a little boring now aren't I?!)

39. Wanted to smack someone upside the head? Yes, and I have done many a times

40. Eaten a whole pizza? YES!!

41. Did something you regret? Yes, but it was by not doing something, if you understand

42. Broke a promise? Yes

43. Hid a secret? All the time, sadly, I don't have many people I can trust

44. Pretended to be happy? Yes

Your future...

45. Want kids? Yes

46. Want to get married? Yes

47. Career? Professional dancer/ballerina

Which is better in the opposite gender:

48. Lips or eyes? Eyes

49. Shorter or taller? Taller

50. Romantic or spontaneous? Spontaneous

51. Hook up or relationship? Relationship

52. Looks or personality? Can I have both please? :D

Have you ever...

53. Lost glasses/contacts? No

54. Snuck out? No

55. Held a gun/knife for self defense? No

56. Broke someone's heart? Not that I know of

57. Been in love? I don't believe so

58. Been arrested? No

Do you believe in:

59. Yourself? Depends on the situation

60. Miracles? Yes

61. Love at first sight? No. You can like how someone looks at first sight and you could fall for them, but you don't know their personality or anything about them at all. As you start to get to know someone and spend a lot of time with them, that's when you fall in love with them or realise that you don't, in fact, like them at all.

62. Santa? No

63. Forever & always? Um idk


64. Is there one person you want to be with right now? Physically? Urm, I don't think so

65. Who are your real friends? Hannah, Shane, Jack, Greg

66. Who was the last person you texted? Harry I think

67. Who is your best friend? Hannah and Jack

68. Which guy are you closest to? I don't really know, possibly Jack?

And there you go! 68 random facts/things about me. If you made it this far, I challenge you to try this yourself and send me a link. Make sure you link back here so readers can see the 'original', if you please. Happy answering!

27 May 2014

26 May 2014

Annual Dance Show...

As you may know, I've had my annual dance show over this weekend, and I've loved every minute of it! I've literally been to my school (where the show was held), came home to sleep, and went straight back to school in the morning, and put this cycle on repeat. Normally we hold our shows at a different school, one that specialises in performing arts and so has a huge stage, but this year we were double-booked twice, so we just came to my school instead.

It was really nice to be at a new venue for a change; it really made me think about what I was doing and how I would have to be on stage, since it is so much smaller, and is also raised up from the floor of the hall.

Last year I started working with a class of little ballerinas, and watching them perform in the show made me so unbelievably proud; I was squealing and Hannah had to pinch me to shut me up! Also, I've befriended three of the girls from the class, who happen to be sisters - Ella, Alanah and Kayln. Kayln is the youngest and whenever I see her, she seems to have to either sit on my lap or have me pick her up, as was the case before the show yesterday. I went to her changing room to wish the three girls good luck for the final show, and I ended up holding her for twenty minutes while I was talking to her sisters and Jack.

Don't they all look so sweet in their tutus?! In the last three photos there are three sets of sisters! Only two girls from the group are missing, since they were in another dance at that time.

Now for some other photos! 

Hannah and I chilling in our 'Dance the Night Away' costumes

Danny finding all the lost music files

After the second show, Hannah and I waited at school for a couple of hours until the next one, even though I only live down the road. We were tasked with occupying Emelia and Georgie for a while!

Georgie looking tired backstage after the second of four shows

Watching some of the older girls having fun on stage in between Saturday's two shows

'E' for Emelia

This happened by absolute chance!

I think Hannah was tired out!

Stage selfie, like you do;)

Collapsing on stage

Mess of shoes

Slightly dodgy angle, but these are the skirts for 'On My Own'

Mine (left) and Hannah's (right) matching ballet shoes. They were brand new, now look at them!

Now this was one of my favourite costumes, we even had the makeup to match. These were for 'What Do You See?' (Doll on a Music Box from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang). Luckily, the lipstick on our cheeks wiped off fairly easily before the finalé.

Jack walked past with a girl from my finalé line and saw these costumes and makeup for the first time, just before we danced this dance for the last time. His comment was something along the lines of: "I know you get embarassed when you see me Carys, but you don't have to blush!" How very original of him xD

My mum took this photo of me with my absolutely gorgeous dance teacher, Hayley, after the last show! She's literally a second mum to me!

And here I am receiving my trophy! They keep getting taller every year!

And here is the long-anticipated photo of myself and Jack! It's our first photo together, surprisingly, but he really is one of my best friends, he's amazing! It's going to be weird not seeing him everyday now, after having seen a lot him three days running!

That's all for now! I really hope you enjoyed reading this post; this weekend has been one of the greatest I've had in a long time, I really wish I could do it over next weekend! I may post more photos at some point, when Hannah sends me the ones she took of the shows. Thanks again!

25 May 2014

Think Happy...33/52...

So much has happened this week, wow! I've broken up from school now, meaning I have a week off, which is a welcome relief!

1. I haven't sweated so much in dance class in such a long time, but in contemporary on Tuesday I was working so hard that I beat my record! Lovely image, I know, but I love pushing myself in class, even when I feel faint.

2. Our English class on a Friday is the last lesson of the week, so this week our teacher let us watch some of this version of Macbeth to finish the half-term. It was really interesting to see how it was put together in comparison to the original play. Which reminds me, in exactly one month's time, I'm going to see Macbeth live in a park a short drive away with around sixty of my fellow pupils. I'm hoping that, as it's summer, we'll be able to have a picnic and sit on blankets to watch, which should be fun!

3. The dance shows. I mean, wow. It was so much fun to be able to dance with all of my friends, and make so many more! I'll be posting about it tomorrow. And it will be done, unlike the times I said about writing posts for Cats and Sadler's Wells Theatre. I might actually write them at some point in the near future!

With my gorgeous dance teacher!

20 May 2014


Hello again! This week's song was only released yesterday by Andy Biersack of Black Veil Brides for his new project 'Andy Black'. This song has such a feel-good vibe about it, I highly recommend it to everyone!

18 May 2014

Think Happy...32/52...

Hello guys, I'm in a super summery mood today, are you feeling the heat too? This week has been a good one!

1. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous, I mean, yesterday it hit 24 degrees C, and today was just as hot! It's been amazing to see the blue sky and be able to wear summer clothes!

2. My friend Jack introduced me to a new artist, Abandoning Sunday, he's so amazing!

3. Skype, yet again! I've been on Skype with Jack a lot this week, which was so fun! We just talk and talk and talk!

4. Dance classes! They've been incredibly stressful at times, yes, but it's been so fun seeing all of my friends and dancing with them! The only negative has been that a girl in my class is on crutches and won't be able to perform some of the dances in our show (which is five days away!) if any! I'm praying that she gets better soon!

5. Dance show rehearsals today and yesterday! They've been so good! Some of the dances haven't gone to plan, but that's just due to a lack of space on stage, so we're figuring stuff out in class this week. The costumes have been amazing, and I've not really had any super quick changes this year. One of my changes only involves changing a skirt.

We've rehearsed the finalé (we bow then stand and clap while we wait for the other groups to bow) three times in total now, and it's a bit of a squish to get on stage! We've had to put a lot of people on the floor of the hall with the audience, but I'm on the stage with hundreds of other dance students! I'm also on the back line, meaning that I get squished into the backcloth and feel all claustrophobic. I guess it's a good thing I'm taller than a lot of the children though!

As I'm a senior dancer (one of the oldest), in the finalé I get to lead a line of children onto the stage, with Hannah bringing up the rear. I love my line! I don't know many of the kids on it, but they're all at least ten years old and know what they're doing and how to behave. The only people I really know on my line are Travis and Jack (my best friend Jack). They're both taller than me, so since I'm meant to be the tallest, oldest one it's pretty funny! For the last finalé run-through we did today, Jack had disappeared off and joined another line for a reason still unknown to me, so I was left holding Travis' hand while we walked on stage and bowed.

Costumes for Electricity (left) and Strangers Like Me (right)

6. My job interview! Last month, I applied for a summer 'job', I suppose you could call it, so I had a kind of informal interview today, and I'd like to say that it went okay, but I'm relying on luck that I get it! If I don't, all that means is I get to spend more time with my friends in the summer, so it's kind of a win-win situation, really.

That's it, I think! I hope you enjoyed reading this today, are there any more details you'd love to know about my dance show? Feel free to drop a comment about how your week was!

13 May 2014


Hi! So for this week's song, I've chosen a song called Magnet sang by the Vocaloids Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka. I appreciate it's most probably something you've never heard of before, but I love it! There is a reason for me posting this too, so watch this space!

12 May 2014

Think Happy...31/52...

Hello again, how's everything going? Last week was partly hectic and partly relaxed, I've not had such a mix in a long time, it's seems to have been super busy all the time since my birthday last year! Let's start from the beginning of the week...

1. Monday was good, I walked along to the nursing home and danced there. I ended up dancing a duet with a girl from my contemporary class, then the little girls from the ballet class I teach did one of their dances. I then did two solos, both of my pointework dances, as the other girls from my class weren't there. The old people we danced for (not meaning to sound disrespectful at all!) loved us, they had such big smiles on their faces!

2. On Tuesday I had my last exam, which we ended up having a fire alarm go off in (!) so it was nice just to go home afterwards and then go to contemporary class. My friend Jack dances in the class just before mine, so I got to see him and we yelled hi across the studio and waved! Aha, it was a good class :D

3. I've had the rest of the evenings last week doing almost nothing, apart from the odd bit of homework. It's felt so good just to be able to relax after having had so much revision to do! This time next year, however, will be another matter entirely! I'll be sitting my actual GCSEs!

4. On Wednesday I went to see Hannah's school production of Phantom of the Opera, and my gosh, it was so perfect! I can't sing enough praise for the cast, they definitely did the show justice, without a doubt!

5. On Saturday I got to see Hannah again and praise her for her performance. She's been so busy that we've hardly had a chance to talk, which was sad. But we danced together for hours; it was nice to see her again!

6. Yesterday (Sunday) I had to go to my school for four hours, from 10am until 2pm. We seniors and adults (plus some of the small children) from our dance school were required to go in and run through our show, which is now in eleven days!

For the first hour and 45 minutes, we had a 'tour' around the part of the school we're going to be in, and we practiced some dances in the back of the hall while the stage was in use. One of the songs being run through on stage at the same time was Skimbleshanks the Railway Cat from Cats the Musical. Remember I was in a production of that the other month? Well Shane and myself danced our version of the dance at the back of the hall, resulting in a few strange looks but we had so much fun! I don't even know how I remembered it all to be fair!

For the last two hours or so, we ran through the seniors' and adults' dances on stage. The stage is really quite small, so Strangers Like Me (my contemporary dance) didn't quite go to plan, but overall it wasn't too bad! At the end of Strangers Like Me, Tan, Harriet and myself get to jump off the edge of the stage and onto the floor, which is so fun!

But one of the most fun parts about yesterday was spending it with my friends. Hannah, unfortunately, wasn't there as she needed a day off from dancing, but I had other people to hang out with. I was with Hollie and Louise for quite a lot of the time (when I wasn't dancing, which was rare), Shane, Imogen, Katie and Jack. I haven't spent so much time with them for a while, so it was nice to be able to, even just between dances.

7. Oh Skype, where would I be without you? Drowning in a pool of my own loneliness that's where! So yeah, I was on Skype last night with Jack for over an hour, and his sister (who I danced with in London) and his mum were both chatting away with me too! It was so much fun :D

9 May 2014

Moving On...

An old friendship bracelet I've been wearing recently. I used to be so close to the girl who gave this to me, only now she does not even bother to reply to my numerous messages, even when I heard some worrying news about her and had expressed my worry for her. I guess some people just no longer want to try.

On a more positive note, I have now found myself some people to sit with at school and some friends within my classes. None of them are really people that I talk to outside of school, I don't text them or send them a message on Facebook very often, but they're, for the most part, nice girls to be with during school.

But most importantly of all, I have found some very close friends within my dance school and theatre company.

 My best friend, you'll know this if you've been reading for a while, is Hannah. We've been dancing at the same school for almost eleven years now, but we've only been talking and dancing together for about a year and a half, if that! Now we dance together three times a week and we are quite literally inseparable! We 'declared' our best-friendship one year and two months ago this Monday coming.
In fairness, I've never looked back, she means too much to me to let go! The past couple of weeks have been difficult for both of us; we've hardly talked as she's been at rehearsals and the shows of her school's production for Phantom of the Opera, and I've had fourteen exams. Luckily we have dance together tomorrow to rehearse for our annual dance show.

Another of my close friends is a guy called Jack. We've only been close for a couple of months, if that, but we're already pretty close. We've hardly spoken in person, but that's simply a result of us not taking dance classes together and going to different schools. We have one class after each other and we always say hi then; his smile really is so infectious! We will be having three weekends together rehearsing and performing together now, so time to make memories and photos!

Thank you for reading this post, I think it's the most personal one I've done in a long time, if not ever. Do you like reading things like this? Let me know what you think!

5 May 2014

Think Happy...30/52...

Hi everyone, I'm posting this today because it's the last day of the long weekend we're having here in the UK.

1. I filmed a dance cover! You may have noticed that I had to take it down, but it still happened! Sorry about that guys.

2. Today I danced at the nursing home again, and I ended up dancing a duet with Holly, a girl who's five years younger than me, and two solos. Everyone there had such big smiles!

Georgie in costume!

3. This afternoon I went to a Fayre in town and saw a couple of my friends from dance there. I also saw a guy from my maths class performing with his gymnastics class. I knew he was a professional, but oh my gosh he's so unbelievably amazing! There were also Irish dancers, and they were so good too!

4. My brother made soup at school, it's my favourite recipe!

5. Exams are almost all over! Just one left tomorrow.

6. My friends (one or two in particular) are making life so good right now! If you're reading this, then you know who you are!

7. I'm feeling inspired for my photography!

Thanks for reading, yet again, I'll see you tomorrow for a song recommendation :D