5 October 2014

think happy | 52/52

I'm so glad it's Sunday now, I've not stopped all week. Welcome to the real world Carys! But seriously, it feels good just to be able to sit down and do my own thing after so many exams.

You may also have noticed that this is the last Think Happy! I've been doing this for a year now, and I'm going to stop these Sunday posts. In return, I feel I'll be able to post more freely about other topics, so hopefully that means more posts! Yay!

1. Last night I went to a joint birthday party two of my friends hosted, and I had an amazing time, except the blisters! Ouch, you shouldn't dance in heels for three hours, I don't envy you uni/college lot who party multiple times a week!

On the other hand, we got a lot of dancing done!

Storm, me and Imi

2. I also really enjoyed dance classes yesterday.

Slightly blurry photo of me in my crazy colours! Normally I wear a black skirt, but I went for red for a change!

In pointe, I decided to film some of the work we did, and watching back the footage has given me more of an idea of what to do to improve. I'll be doing this more often!

3. I figured out the most perfect in-pointe-shoe padding for my feet at the minute! Will be writing about that this week, I found a couple of new tricks that completely take the pain of pointe away for me.

4. I've been working on my splits, although only in dance classes. Monday night consisted of street dance, but I can't remember if we did splits then or not. I think we did. On Tuesday night at contemporary, Becky got out the crash mats again, so everyone could practise their forwards roles. I'm not doing one in our dance, so I just sat by the mirrors stretching out my back and stretching my splits, which felt so fulfilling. Last but not least, in ballet yesterday Kerstin had us doing some splits stretches, and I didn't have to do as many as usual to get my splits, which I was so proud of!

5. Best til last.........


To make it seem even better, I wasn't exactly trying either, I was attempting a single but ending up just carrying on, and who was I to stop it? Unfortunately, my camera was being a little shit and decided not to record this, or my wonderful pirouette/piqué turns across the room, which more than annoyed me! But at least people saw me do it, and my camera recorded my courus!


  1. Oh my goodness, congratulations on your double! Have you done turns in second yet?

    1. Thanks so much! And pirouettes in second? We only do ones from fifth (which I suck at) and fourth. The boys do ones from second, except we have no ballet boys :/ I really want a dance partner! :P x