28 September 2014

think happy | 51/52

Right, so it's once again Sunday, which means that there's only one week of these Sunday posts left now!

1. Street on Monday was 50/50, but I'm putting it in for the good half anyway. Hannah was feeling very down and I couldn't do anything to help her. But, on the plus side, she started to enjoy herself slightly when we got down to actually doing our dance. There's a bit where we have to do sexy walks, and we love that bit ;)

But Danny was taking part in it too, beating the whole lot of us girls at being feminine! He tried to get George to have a laugh with it too, but he just manned-it-up instead.

2. Contemporary was rather enlightening, to be honest. I figured out that I can't do forward rolls from standing - only from the floor, and even then it's barely! It's a good job we have crash mats, because I jump into them more than roll.

But, Jack didn't even say hi before class, let alone give a hug like normal. He later let me know that he was annoyed at something, although I didn't ask what; hm, it seems like everyone is in a bad mood recently! It must be the coming of winter making us all feel so gloomy.

3. This evening, I went out for a meal with my family for the first time in a long time. We went to our favourite Indian restaurant, and we had a great time!

4. Dance yesterday was good yesterday! We had ballet quizzes to fill in for Jade, and Kerstin worked us hard in both ballet and pointe classes!

5. Today is Greg's birthday, happy 17th!! Hope you had a great day, after getting a red card yesterday! Good job you didn't get a ban, that would've been an awful birthday present xD Don't underestimate your tackles xD

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