30 December 2013

Think Happy...12/52...

Hello, how is everyone? I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and enjoyed the time with friends and family.

1. Christmas!! The first thing on my list this week, since it was so so amazing!! I got so many lovely gifts from my friends and my family, and we had so much lovely food.


On Christmas day we had roast beef instead of turkey (we're having that next weekend!) and we pulled a lot of crackers!

I also got this beautiful jumper from New Look, and so much jewellery and makeup, which you saw in my previous post.

2. Boxing day party at my nan's! I have no pictures from this, but I had a great time catching up with my dad's side of the family and eating a lot of pizza!!
3. Cats rehearsals yesterday (Sunday). True, I got there an hour late, but we learnt a lot of choreography and lyrics, and I helped Catty choreograph some extra parts to put in.
4. The weather. The weather has mainly been good over these holidays - the sky has been blue and the air cold but fresh.
This is the theatre after Cats, when I was waiting to go home. It's hundreds of years old and really is so amazing - I've been earlier in the year to see Steve Leonard for a biology lecture. I can't wait to perform on that stage!!
That's all for now, sorry this didn't get posted yesterday, it wasn't a very good time for me, but hopefully I'll be back on track now. Bye!


  1. your blog is so lovely! I don't know any other UK teen knitter bloggers so yay for finding you! Should connect your blog to bloglovin so more people can follow :D
    lily x

  2. Thank you Lily! Hope we can keep touch via Facebook, I just added you :) And I just connected and followed you :D xx