13 December 2013

The End of a Long Week...

Hello my lovelies, how are you all? I can honestly say I'm glad this week is over. It has been full of revision, exams, stress and arguments within my friendship group at school.

One of my friends, Megan, had an operation early on in the week due to a back problem, and she is slowly recovering, so please, Megan, get well soon! Miss having you at school :/

But one thing that has kept me going is the thought of being able to blog to you lovely people! This blog is one of the only ways I have to be able to express myself. Sure, I'm not sharing lots of personal stuff, but I find blogging is a great way for me to get all of my stresses out rather than keeping them bottled up, which is never a good thing.

Friends aren't always around for me to talk to. I haven't been sleeping very well recently, maybe it's because I can't fall asleep until gone-eleven most nights. But when I wake up in the night and when I'm waiting for sleep to find me, I often think about post ideas and what I can do with my blog in the future.

I'm in year 10 of school at the minute, meaning I'm in my second year of my GCSEs. This means a lot of mock exams and even some real ones, like my German ones and coursework for various subjects.

Once I finish year 11 at school (and my GCSEs, yay!!), I'll be heading off to sixth form or college. I've been recommend to go to a dance/theatre college, which I'm quite excited about, because otherwise I don't have a clue what I want to do with my life.

When I do go to college, I'll most likely be living over there, meaning less time for blogging, seeing friends back home and all of my other hobbies. I will have to stop dancing with my dance school as well, which I've been dancing at for over ten years, currently. That's the one thing (apart from my family and friends!) that I will miss the most, I think.

But this is why the internet has been invented. I will be able to Skype my friends, talk on Facebook, text them, you name it! I'll be able to stay in contact with my old friends, and make some new ones too at college.

So, these are just my musings for today. I'm also looking at buying some new clothes, so I've been browsing several new websites this evening. And talking to friends; I'm almost never not talking to them!

Have a good evening everyone, I'll try and post tomorrow. Night :))

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