1 December 2013

Think Happy...8/52...

Happy December! Flippin heck, this year has gone so fast! But I've seen a huge change in myself as a person in this time, which I'm very happy about.

Well you've probably read my post from earlier, about how amazing yesterday was. If you haven't, I'll still mention those facts in this post.

1. I entered Milli into a competition, and I had a lot of amazing people from both Facebook and the 365 Project very kindly vote for me. Thank you so much everyone!

2. Day off on Friday! I got some levitation photography done, which I'm super pleased about.

3. My picture is/was on the home and popular pages of 365 Project!! I'm so unbelievably ecstatic, and the sense of community on that website can't be matched by anything else. The people are so supportive of each other, and they critique where necessary and praise too!

4. Cats rehearsals today! They were very good - we've now finished the entire first song (minus the last verse because Ed has only just started today and doesn't know his lines or the choreography)!

5. Christmas Craft Fayre for Cancer Research UK this evening at a local pub, which Milli (who I named the mouse after)is organising. It was great!

I have more ideas for posts, just need to think them through before I commit to them. Maybe it could be my New Year's resolution?


  1. Hi Carys, thanks for you lovely comment on my blog. That photo of the succulent is fantastic, and your Milli is adorable.

    Gillian x

    1. You're welcome, your blog is among my favourites to read! Thank you so much for your kind words :)