28 September 2014

think happy | 51/52

Right, so it's once again Sunday, which means that there's only one week of these Sunday posts left now!

1. Street on Monday was 50/50, but I'm putting it in for the good half anyway. Hannah was feeling very down and I couldn't do anything to help her. But, on the plus side, she started to enjoy herself slightly when we got down to actually doing our dance. There's a bit where we have to do sexy walks, and we love that bit ;)

But Danny was taking part in it too, beating the whole lot of us girls at being feminine! He tried to get George to have a laugh with it too, but he just manned-it-up instead.

2. Contemporary was rather enlightening, to be honest. I figured out that I can't do forward rolls from standing - only from the floor, and even then it's barely! It's a good job we have crash mats, because I jump into them more than roll.

But, Jack didn't even say hi before class, let alone give a hug like normal. He later let me know that he was annoyed at something, although I didn't ask what; hm, it seems like everyone is in a bad mood recently! It must be the coming of winter making us all feel so gloomy.

3. This evening, I went out for a meal with my family for the first time in a long time. We went to our favourite Indian restaurant, and we had a great time!

4. Dance yesterday was good yesterday! We had ballet quizzes to fill in for Jade, and Kerstin worked us hard in both ballet and pointe classes!

5. Today is Greg's birthday, happy 17th!! Hope you had a great day, after getting a red card yesterday! Good job you didn't get a ban, that would've been an awful birthday present xD Don't underestimate your tackles xD

new ballet grade?

At ballet last week, all was going fine, until our dance teacher announced, out of the blue, that the IDTA Grade 6 Ballet Exam has been scrapped. Oh, what a thing to tell us so suddenly!

But it turns out, it's kind of been merged with the Intermediate grade, so we're taking that instead. Apparantly, there's a whole batterie section, and a twenty minute pointework section at the end. Wow, I'm going to need some good luck! But, I am actually so excited! All these years of work are going to be put together into new variations and we get new steps!

On another note, is there a way to clean the insides of ouch pouches? Mine are absolutely vile!

23 September 2014


This mix is awesome, in my opinion. And this channel also has some gems on it, be sure to check some other songs out while you're there!

21 September 2014

think happy | 50/52

I intended to write another post this morning about some dance classes I took yesterday, but I've been busy working on my Textiles coursework today. In which case, I'll tell you now.

1. Ballet was so fun; we actually learnt new steps that we can put into our grade, and in pointe we did enchainements (yay, I can't spell French!). Afterwards, I discovered that the toe I had a blister on a couple of months ago had now swollen around the knuckle, which was very painful just to even walk on.

Hannah, myself, and Evie

2. Hannah and I took a taster pole dance class for an hour yesterday afternoon, and that was so much fun! But I really admire professionals now, it takes so much strength that I didn't have, so it kind of failed for me then, and now my stomach and shoulders hurt so bad from it, which I guess is a good indication.

I can't continue to take classes, as they're £10 for a one hour class, once a week for six weeks, and I can't afford that. But Hannah is determined to go, and I'm proud of her! Yay Hannah!

3. I also then went back to Hannah's, where we played The Sims 4! Ohmygosh it was so fun! Expect a YouTube video soon!

Comfy on Hannah's bed

4. I've been using Skype a lot more than normal in the second half of this week, which has been a blessing. My friends are just so nice and they're helping me gain more confidence through using it.

5. My friend Ice from Flourishing Sweetheart has released some amazing news, you go girl! But I'm going to leave that for her to tell you guys, so go follow her; she's awesome!

6. I've just been in a really really good mood all week, if I'm being honest! Creative Writing was fun this week, we were writing from an image, which I loved!

That's all for now everyone, hope this week goes well for you!

16 September 2014


So personally I think this is an adorable song with adorable lyrics and an adorable little 'dance'. Please check it out!

14 September 2014

think happy | 49/52

You may or may not know that I celebrated my birthday yesterday, so I can easily say that this week has been quite good, to be fair!

1. I turned 16! I feel so old, it's kind of crazy, really, even though I'm not! Just compared to being 14, for example, I definitely feel more mature!

I spent the day with Hannah. We had dance in the morning, which was nice and challenging! The lessons were good and made us sweat and ache and groan, but it's all for a good cause.

In pointe, we also learnt a variation that Hayley, our teacher, made on the spot and I loved it! I think I've really improved with my couru-ing!

Hannah then came home with me and we went on a walk, ate pizza, and messed around on my laptop, whilst eating chocolate! It was a fun day.

2. I finished my yoga socks! Well, I use them for pointework now, and they're so warm and comfy!

3. Maths class on Friday we had a cover lesson. And the teacher we had was so good at teaching. Like, our class actually understood how to transform functions by the end of it!

It was also very entertaining. I was part of a conversation with Saffron, Ella and Taisir about one of Saffron's many hilarious stories, one of which I've never heard before. And considering I sat next to her for maths at the end of last year, that was surprising. She can talk for England!

4. I got an A* in my mid-unit Restless Earth geography paper this week, which I'm so pleased with! I only dropped 2 marks, and they were silly mistakes, so I know how to correct that next time.

5. I watched the entire first season of Sherlock today. I got the box set of all three seasons so far yesterday from my parents, so I spent four and a half hours today watching it. Wow, it's so good!

I think that's all for now anyway, actually. I hope you have a good Monday, I'll see you on Tuesday!

11 September 2014

90% work, 10% play

It's easy to say that we're all too busy for 'fun', but how busy are we all really? If we want to avoid talking to someone or meeting them for a catch-up, you can say that you have plans and can't help but miss that date. Well, that's my excuse to people.

But I must say, this week I've been seriously busy. As in, actually doing things! Year 11 is tough stuff man!

 Monday night I had dance, so that left no time for work. Tuesday night I had dance again, but not til later, so I spent the rest of my evening revising for a maths mock paper. Wednesday saw me into my extra class after school, followed by an evening of german revision.

And today. Don't even get me started! I had to do six pieces of work and print a few off, which took a while. But I feel like I've actually acheived something, so I guess there's a benefit or two. Oh, and to make it seem even better, I also had to put up with countless internet problems, and I watched last night's episode of The Great British Bake Off! So with less time than normal, I still got more work done than I've ever done before after school. I'm on a roll!

And in addition to all of these things I've done tonight, Rhys finally got time to talk! Which was great, since he's had even more work than I have this week, since he's doing his BACs (French equivalent of A Levels, I think). Good luck Rhys! And to your sister :D

9 September 2014


Hey again! So both of these songs are so pretty, but at the Lukas McFarlane masterclass, we danced to the one at 2mins, and I love it! Lukas showed us the entire dance, and it was incredible! He's so talented!

7 September 2014

think happy | 48/52 | (AND MEETING LUKAS MCFARLANE!)

Hey guys, so I'm super duper happy right now!

1. Today I met Lukas McFarlane, the winner of Got To Dance 2013! I'm so excited to tell you about it!!

Alice and Lukas (left), myself and Lukas (right), and both of us with him (centre)

I had a two hour dance workshop with him, and we danced, took photos and had autographs, and sat down and had a chat (q+a). He's such a lovely guy! Besides the photos, he also held me hand and walked me up to the front of the studio to dance, another time he patted my head, and another he held my arm and took me to a new space before we started dancing again.

Also, when I went up to him for my photo, he said to me something along the lines of: "Hey sweetie, you danced really well today!" Like, oh my god, did he really just say that to me?! I felt like I could burst into tears of joy right then!

These are my signed things! First I got him to sign my ballet shoe, because I stupidly forgot my dead pointe shoes! So I took the left shoe off my foot and asked him to sign it. The reason I chose my left shoe was because on the Got To Dance stage, he always wore his left sock becuase that's his turning foot. And the reason he wears a sock is because for the audition, he forgot his foot thong, and the one-sock just became his thing!

Just before leaving, I went back up to him, after everyone else had had their photos taken and asked him to sign my autograph book, because why not? I doubt I'll have another chance! He asked what my name is and after I spelled it out to him, he said: "That's a cool name". Yet again, I felt so happy! Eek! Best day ever!

2. After the masterclass, we had a dance performance at a charity event in aid of Macmillan, which was pretty fun! The weather was perfect for it too!

3. Contemporary class was really good on Tuesday; Becky taught us a dance I'd already learnt and enjoyed so much!

4. The AS level English Creative Writing classes I've been taking at school have been quite enjoyable last week, We did a lot of writing, and it was a nice calm environment.

5. I survived the first week of school! Yay!

6 September 2014

dancing derp faces

It's one thing to be a mum, and it's another to be a photographer. Unless you are both. Unfortunately, my mother is not! I mean, she can take some good photos, but, no offence mum, not action shots.

I don't actually mind the one in the bottom-left, my eyes are just closed!

If you think you've stumbled across a gem just there, then wait until you see my personal favourites!

Why do I always grimace when I dance? Haha these are just gold!

But I must be fair to my mum. She can take some lovely photos when she tries!

See, she's not so bad after all! I love the group photo especially! Do you have any derpy action shots? Why not post them and leave a link in the comments? I'd love to see ;D

5 September 2014

wales | day one

It's Friday, and that means I have some time to sit down and relax, even if it isn't for long. So while I have a little time, I'm writing this post and listening to this, something I stumbled across last night and now love so much!

Well on Monday 18th August my family and I drove over to the west coast of Wales to a Haven holiday park, leaving at around ten in the morning and arriving in the mid afternoon. We collected our keys from the Reception and then headed over to our caravan. It was fairly near the edge of the park, which meant there was little traffic and noise.

The park was right on the coast, so we had a gorgeous view from the front window of the caravan.

After unpacking, we wandered around, and found the cute little play area. It consisted of a decent sized grass area and a little area to grow fruits and beans!

After stumbling across this, we went searching for some food, then deciding against the long walk into town, and instead headed down to the beach.

Eben refused to go on the sand (crazy, right?!) but the rest of my family explored a little.

The beach was so pretty, though; if you looked to the left, you could see the town of New Quay.

Before too long, we were ready for food, so we drove up into this beautiful little town and found a pub to eat in. I opted for the lasagne, and wow, it was delicious! I also found the entertainment board standing outside the pub rather uncanny - my mum's name is Emma, and her sister's last name is Bennett! Sadly, I can't remember the name of the pub we stopped at, but it was on a country road in a village just outside the town, I think!

Just as I'm looking at this again, the text isn't in the centre! Arghhh!

When we got back that evening, we just splatted on the sofas and watched some tv together. I did some of my knitting (sneak peak soon!) and then we set up the sofa bed for me to sleep in. Looking out of this window gave me this view, to the right, and although the picture is pretty shaky, I love the lights!!

3 September 2014


So yesterday was my first day of school, which means I was super busy! I was in until half past four, and again today, so I didn't have much time before dance. All that means, is that I'm going to have to schedule my posts for Tuesdays now, so they don't get delayed like this one!

I don't know if I've already shared this - I probably have! But I was at the same event as Kingsland Road on Saturday, unfortunately I couldn't go and meet them!