7 September 2014

think happy | 48/52 | (AND MEETING LUKAS MCFARLANE!)

Hey guys, so I'm super duper happy right now!

1. Today I met Lukas McFarlane, the winner of Got To Dance 2013! I'm so excited to tell you about it!!

Alice and Lukas (left), myself and Lukas (right), and both of us with him (centre)

I had a two hour dance workshop with him, and we danced, took photos and had autographs, and sat down and had a chat (q+a). He's such a lovely guy! Besides the photos, he also held me hand and walked me up to the front of the studio to dance, another time he patted my head, and another he held my arm and took me to a new space before we started dancing again.

Also, when I went up to him for my photo, he said to me something along the lines of: "Hey sweetie, you danced really well today!" Like, oh my god, did he really just say that to me?! I felt like I could burst into tears of joy right then!

These are my signed things! First I got him to sign my ballet shoe, because I stupidly forgot my dead pointe shoes! So I took the left shoe off my foot and asked him to sign it. The reason I chose my left shoe was because on the Got To Dance stage, he always wore his left sock becuase that's his turning foot. And the reason he wears a sock is because for the audition, he forgot his foot thong, and the one-sock just became his thing!

Just before leaving, I went back up to him, after everyone else had had their photos taken and asked him to sign my autograph book, because why not? I doubt I'll have another chance! He asked what my name is and after I spelled it out to him, he said: "That's a cool name". Yet again, I felt so happy! Eek! Best day ever!

2. After the masterclass, we had a dance performance at a charity event in aid of Macmillan, which was pretty fun! The weather was perfect for it too!

3. Contemporary class was really good on Tuesday; Becky taught us a dance I'd already learnt and enjoyed so much!

4. The AS level English Creative Writing classes I've been taking at school have been quite enjoyable last week, We did a lot of writing, and it was a nice calm environment.

5. I survived the first week of school! Yay!

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