11 September 2014

90% work, 10% play

It's easy to say that we're all too busy for 'fun', but how busy are we all really? If we want to avoid talking to someone or meeting them for a catch-up, you can say that you have plans and can't help but miss that date. Well, that's my excuse to people.

But I must say, this week I've been seriously busy. As in, actually doing things! Year 11 is tough stuff man!

 Monday night I had dance, so that left no time for work. Tuesday night I had dance again, but not til later, so I spent the rest of my evening revising for a maths mock paper. Wednesday saw me into my extra class after school, followed by an evening of german revision.

And today. Don't even get me started! I had to do six pieces of work and print a few off, which took a while. But I feel like I've actually acheived something, so I guess there's a benefit or two. Oh, and to make it seem even better, I also had to put up with countless internet problems, and I watched last night's episode of The Great British Bake Off! So with less time than normal, I still got more work done than I've ever done before after school. I'm on a roll!

And in addition to all of these things I've done tonight, Rhys finally got time to talk! Which was great, since he's had even more work than I have this week, since he's doing his BACs (French equivalent of A Levels, I think). Good luck Rhys! And to your sister :D

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