21 September 2014

think happy | 50/52

I intended to write another post this morning about some dance classes I took yesterday, but I've been busy working on my Textiles coursework today. In which case, I'll tell you now.

1. Ballet was so fun; we actually learnt new steps that we can put into our grade, and in pointe we did enchainements (yay, I can't spell French!). Afterwards, I discovered that the toe I had a blister on a couple of months ago had now swollen around the knuckle, which was very painful just to even walk on.

Hannah, myself, and Evie

2. Hannah and I took a taster pole dance class for an hour yesterday afternoon, and that was so much fun! But I really admire professionals now, it takes so much strength that I didn't have, so it kind of failed for me then, and now my stomach and shoulders hurt so bad from it, which I guess is a good indication.

I can't continue to take classes, as they're £10 for a one hour class, once a week for six weeks, and I can't afford that. But Hannah is determined to go, and I'm proud of her! Yay Hannah!

3. I also then went back to Hannah's, where we played The Sims 4! Ohmygosh it was so fun! Expect a YouTube video soon!

Comfy on Hannah's bed

4. I've been using Skype a lot more than normal in the second half of this week, which has been a blessing. My friends are just so nice and they're helping me gain more confidence through using it.

5. My friend Ice from Flourishing Sweetheart has released some amazing news, you go girl! But I'm going to leave that for her to tell you guys, so go follow her; she's awesome!

6. I've just been in a really really good mood all week, if I'm being honest! Creative Writing was fun this week, we were writing from an image, which I loved!

That's all for now everyone, hope this week goes well for you!

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