14 September 2014

think happy | 49/52

You may or may not know that I celebrated my birthday yesterday, so I can easily say that this week has been quite good, to be fair!

1. I turned 16! I feel so old, it's kind of crazy, really, even though I'm not! Just compared to being 14, for example, I definitely feel more mature!

I spent the day with Hannah. We had dance in the morning, which was nice and challenging! The lessons were good and made us sweat and ache and groan, but it's all for a good cause.

In pointe, we also learnt a variation that Hayley, our teacher, made on the spot and I loved it! I think I've really improved with my couru-ing!

Hannah then came home with me and we went on a walk, ate pizza, and messed around on my laptop, whilst eating chocolate! It was a fun day.

2. I finished my yoga socks! Well, I use them for pointework now, and they're so warm and comfy!

3. Maths class on Friday we had a cover lesson. And the teacher we had was so good at teaching. Like, our class actually understood how to transform functions by the end of it!

It was also very entertaining. I was part of a conversation with Saffron, Ella and Taisir about one of Saffron's many hilarious stories, one of which I've never heard before. And considering I sat next to her for maths at the end of last year, that was surprising. She can talk for England!

4. I got an A* in my mid-unit Restless Earth geography paper this week, which I'm so pleased with! I only dropped 2 marks, and they were silly mistakes, so I know how to correct that next time.

5. I watched the entire first season of Sherlock today. I got the box set of all three seasons so far yesterday from my parents, so I spent four and a half hours today watching it. Wow, it's so good!

I think that's all for now anyway, actually. I hope you have a good Monday, I'll see you on Tuesday!

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