5 September 2014

wales | day one

It's Friday, and that means I have some time to sit down and relax, even if it isn't for long. So while I have a little time, I'm writing this post and listening to this, something I stumbled across last night and now love so much!

Well on Monday 18th August my family and I drove over to the west coast of Wales to a Haven holiday park, leaving at around ten in the morning and arriving in the mid afternoon. We collected our keys from the Reception and then headed over to our caravan. It was fairly near the edge of the park, which meant there was little traffic and noise.

The park was right on the coast, so we had a gorgeous view from the front window of the caravan.

After unpacking, we wandered around, and found the cute little play area. It consisted of a decent sized grass area and a little area to grow fruits and beans!

After stumbling across this, we went searching for some food, then deciding against the long walk into town, and instead headed down to the beach.

Eben refused to go on the sand (crazy, right?!) but the rest of my family explored a little.

The beach was so pretty, though; if you looked to the left, you could see the town of New Quay.

Before too long, we were ready for food, so we drove up into this beautiful little town and found a pub to eat in. I opted for the lasagne, and wow, it was delicious! I also found the entertainment board standing outside the pub rather uncanny - my mum's name is Emma, and her sister's last name is Bennett! Sadly, I can't remember the name of the pub we stopped at, but it was on a country road in a village just outside the town, I think!

Just as I'm looking at this again, the text isn't in the centre! Arghhh!

When we got back that evening, we just splatted on the sofas and watched some tv together. I did some of my knitting (sneak peak soon!) and then we set up the sofa bed for me to sleep in. Looking out of this window gave me this view, to the right, and although the picture is pretty shaky, I love the lights!!

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