30 December 2013

Think Happy...12/52...

Hello, how is everyone? I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and enjoyed the time with friends and family.

1. Christmas!! The first thing on my list this week, since it was so so amazing!! I got so many lovely gifts from my friends and my family, and we had so much lovely food.


On Christmas day we had roast beef instead of turkey (we're having that next weekend!) and we pulled a lot of crackers!

I also got this beautiful jumper from New Look, and so much jewellery and makeup, which you saw in my previous post.

2. Boxing day party at my nan's! I have no pictures from this, but I had a great time catching up with my dad's side of the family and eating a lot of pizza!!
3. Cats rehearsals yesterday (Sunday). True, I got there an hour late, but we learnt a lot of choreography and lyrics, and I helped Catty choreograph some extra parts to put in.
4. The weather. The weather has mainly been good over these holidays - the sky has been blue and the air cold but fresh.
This is the theatre after Cats, when I was waiting to go home. It's hundreds of years old and really is so amazing - I've been earlier in the year to see Steve Leonard for a biology lecture. I can't wait to perform on that stage!!
That's all for now, sorry this didn't get posted yesterday, it wasn't a very good time for me, but hopefully I'll be back on track now. Bye!

28 December 2013

My Makeup Routine...

Considering I've been pretty lazy over the past few days, I thought that today I'd make an effort to create a nice post for you all. And what's better than something most girls and ladies do every day - make up!

I got quite a lot of lovely makeup this Christmas, so I am merely 'showing off' my new products; I am not advertising them in any way (gee, I wish I could get paid for it!!), although I will be reviewing them.

Aww, I got all of my makeup in this super pretty cereal bowl!! Isn't it beautiful?

Anyway, I start off every morning by washing my face clean with some Witch facial wash (which I forgot to photograph - clever me). Since I'm a teenager I have quite a lot of spots, but I've found this really helps if I use it twice a day.

What I next do is apply my Avon Magix 'foundation' all over my face. I normally prefer the other version (the 'face perfector') that isn't as shiny and is slightly thicker, but this is really cool! It doesn't wear off at all, and the tube lasts quite a long time. The only bad point is that I don't have a regular Avon magazine, so I have to buy in bulk.

Next I use concealer under my eyes and over any spots I have. I think this came free with an Avon catalogue one time, but I really like it.

Now comes my powder. I use Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder, with just a simple foam puff.

Eyeliner. I only have a very thin line, mainly to my outer upper lid. I love pencil liners for how I use them, but if I was going to do a cat's eye I'd definitely need a liquid liner.

I got this one a while back...

...and this one for Christmas.

Now for my eye shadow. I use this Rimmel London purple set, and it's so natural looking!

This is the back of the packet, and I apply it as it suggests, which turns out very very nicely!

Now for some close-ups...

Mascara. I am actually so bad at putting on mascara so my eyes are sore from being jabbed so much, but I'm getting better.

The brush has a really nice curve to it, which makes it that much easier to apply.

And here's what the bottle says:

Lastly, lip balm/colour.  Baby Lips 'Pink Punch'. I really genuinely love this; my lips are so soft and it tastes/smells soooo good!

That's it for my daily 'routine', but here are some other products I got for Christmas.

I painted my nails the other day with my new Rimmel London 60 Second nail varnish in the colourway 210 (Ethereal). It has a wider brush which means a much much easier application and I only need about 2 strokes to fully cover each nail.

I got this beautiful lip balm which has a strawberry jam flavour!

And a matching hand cream, which smells gorgeous (but not of strawberry jam!).

And I am totally in love with my new bracelets! I got three which all go perfectly together, only I've managed to misplace the third one already....it'll show up soon, I'm sure!

This pretty one is covered in sparkly beads that catch the light!

And this one is my favourite!

It's so delicate and I have barely taken it off since I got it!

So that's all for today, I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone, and that you got everything you wished for for Christmas. Thank you to everyone who bought me gifts and I am also so so thankful to each and every person that reads my blog! I hope it wouldn't be too much to ask to share it around a little, so I can gain even more fabulous readers? Please? Hahaha, thanks in advance :)

25 December 2013

Merry Christmas!...

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope your day has been amazing, with lots of yummy food and gifts, and that you'll enjoy the rest of the holiday!

I'll keep you updated with photos over the next couple of days, my head's still a little busy from this amazing day!! Sleep well tonight :)

22 December 2013

Think Happy...11/52...

Helloooooooo, this is the second post of today! If you missed the first one, it's right here.

This week has been pretty good, if I do say so. There were so many good things that happened for me!

1. I got Christmas presents at school! This resulted in me carrying around a huge bag full of them at school, but I know what they are, and I can't wait to eat them.

2. I had Cats rehearsals on Tuesday, which went really well and I had a great laugh with the girls (+ Ethan +Harry!). Apart from Ethan locking everyone, including himself!, out of the building, it was hilarious! I had to miss contemporary though, to fit this rehearsal in, which I don't think my teacher/friend was very happy about, if I'm honest, since two other friends from the class were also at Cats with me!

3. I finished school for the holidays at 12pm on Thursday, meaning I could go home and just relax!!

4. Dancing on yesterday, where we had lots of festive games with the little girlies and dance to Kingsland Road's new song!! (It's a free download too, why not get it on your phone?)

Hannah and I had to untangle the rainbow streamers, and there are probably about twenty of them, each had at least 2 knots in!

Myself and Georgie! I love these teeny tiny chairs!!

Hannah has no reason to look so moody in this picture - she's the one who sat underneath my leg!!

Aww, this one's cute :3


And this one :)

Aaaaaand this one!
We also posed for selfies in our lunch break :)
5. I had more Cats rehearsals today, and they were really good!! I bought a 'limited edition' t-shirt and we choreographed some more, including a lift I do with my friend Imogen!
I've also been thinking more about my duet/solo part, and since I get to choreograph it myself, I'm kind of edging towards a duet - I have a couple of really pretty ideas for it!
6. BUNTING! I'm sooo happy with it! I'm not quite done, but it's looking ever so pretty :D
7. It's 3 days until Christmas!!!!
That's it for now, I'll post again tomorrow. Byee!!


Hello again! I've got to say, I've been pretty busy this weekend, but I'll talk more about that in my Think Happy post later (yes, double post day!). First I'd like to talk about my bunting.

Yesterday morning I finished the triangles (minus the letters) and they looked so good! This is the prettiest thing I've made in a long time.

The edges all look really neat with the white edging, I can't believe the difference it makes! I opted not to block them after all - I think they look pretty enough with slightly rounded corners; besides, I was too excited about sewing on the letters to wait any longer!


So the lighting in these next few pictures isn't so good since I was all cosied up at my desk in the evening. I love hand sewing a lot, it's just really therapeutic and always relaxes me. Whilst sewing these up, I was watching some videos on Youtube - from people such as Tanya Burr, Joe Sugg, Zoella, Alfie, Jim Chapman and lots more!

And these are the finished triangles! Yay!!

Oops, I got my hair in this photo! I really should tie it back!

Ooops, more hair in this photo too!

You had enough teasers yet? Well here they are in all their glory!

All spaced out, ready for the string/crochet strip! Then they'll be finished!

Thank you so much for reading all through this really long post!! I'll also be posting later this evening, so keep an eye out!