20 December 2013

Crochet Day!...

Hello my lovelies! How are you on this fine Friday? I feel so Christmassy today - it's only 5 days away!! As I'm sitting here writing this, I'm listening to this song in my new (second-hand) jeans and (complete coincidence!) My Chemical Romance hoodie! The sky outside is overcast but it's perfect for my photography - nature's very own softbox. All that really means is that the light is reflected off the clouds and that it's being diffused to leave perfect natural lighting for photography. It doesn't leave harsh shadows and evenly lights your subject.

Right now, I'm working on my crochet project again! Want to know what it is?.....


Yes, I've never made any before, yet it's so quick and easy, and I'd forgotten how relaxing crochet can be.

Yesterday I showed you a picture of the lettering, and it's going to read 'DANCE'!


So, by this morning I'd already crocheted four of the five bunting triangles, so I set to work crocheting the last one in a lilac coloured yarn.

It started off small...

Then got to be this size! That's fourteen rows of yummy hookiness!

They're all finished now, so just look at all those rows of deliciousness! Mmm, that's one good crochet sandwich!

And again...

...and again...

Don't you just love those colours? I really love using colours in my work, and these just feel so perfect to me!

Sorry for bombarding you with so many pictures of those triangles, they just look so perfect and amazing that I had to show you them all!

Now, do you want to see the letters? Yes? Okay then!


And this is (roughly) what my bunting is going to look like!! I still need to edge the triangles and block them to get pointy corners, and then I need to crochet the string that will allow them to hang down, but already so excited!

And that concludes today's post (which I'm really happy about because it has so many pictures!). I really made an effort to make this post look good, to do the bunting some justice! I'll catch you up on the next parts of the bunting on Sunday - I'm going out most of tomorrow so fingers crossed I'll have enough time to show you on Sunday!
Have a good weekend!

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