29 November 2013

Not So Lazy Day Off...

I'm so glad that my school decided to have a teacher training day today, because I really needed to catch up on a lot of sleep! I managed to get quite a lot of things done today, all of them enjoyable.

I sharpened my eyeliner pencil, like you do. I love looking at the sharpenings!

Trying on various dresses I've been given. This one is one of my favourites, and now I really want summer to hurry up! Don't get me wrong, I love snuggling down at home and watching movies all day, but the lack of light at this time of year drives me crazy, and it's really bad for photography.

I much prefer spring and summer, where there are long hours of sunlight and there are golden hours, which give amazing chances for photography.


Had a lunch of my favourite soup today (oxtail) and it warmed me up so much. All the time I spent in my room this morning chilled me to the core, and I needed something to thaw me out.

I got my advent calendar as well today. I'm not liking the exterior, but it's the chocolates on the inside that matter, so soon I'll be enjoying them.

But if I had to choose my favourite One Direction member, I'd choose Niall without a doubt! We have the same birthday, and he's exactly five years older than I am.

Photography. That's what my afternoon has been made of today. This is my beautiful camera, a Fujifilm Finepix S4400 bridge, which I got for my birthday. This isn't the best picture of it, because of the awful winter light.

Now for my very exciting part of the post! I love my photography, and I was taking a few shots today.

Succulent plants! I think they're so pretty, and this is the one in my window. See it here!

Levitation photography! Oh wow, I love it so much, and it's surprisingly easy! I used this tutorial, and it's so simple to follow. I used a free program called Gimp, and it's pretty similar to Photoshop.

A shot of my amazingly lovely dancers' feet.....don't look for too long if you don't like feet! Mine aren't very pretty.

This is probably my least favourite levitation photo: my face is pulling a weird face; I don't know what my hand is doing; and I look strangely flat. But it gets worse before it gets better, as they say. Let's hope my attempts get better soon :)

Thankyou for reading everyone, I really appreciate all of you reading my posts!

27 November 2013

Milli the Ballerina Mouse...

I know I'm not normally a beg, but I feel I just have to share this with you. I designed this little mouse, her name is Milli, for a competition and the voting is now open. Would you mind popping over and voting (for me!)? You have to choose your five favourites, please make mine one? http://amigurumipatterns.net/designcontest/vote

Now I've entered her, I'm giving her as a raffle prize in aid of Cancer Research UK, as a young lady I know, who I named the mouse after, is only 22 yet has one of the worst cases of cancer I've ever heard of!!

It would mean so much to both myself and her family if I won! Please take thirty seconds to vote, and share this around :)

26 November 2013


Without a doubt, these guys are my favourite band ever! Their cover of Kiss' classic 'Unholy' is truly amazing, in my opinion anyway. I don't know if any of you guys are fans of this style of music, but isn't that why we're here, to listen to new artists?

Anyway, enjoy! This might be a double-post day!

25 November 2013

Think Happy...7/52...

Well that's another week gone! Oh my goodness, time is actually flying past now I have things to look forward to. I remember starting the 'Think Happy' posts and that only seems like a couple of weeks ago, not seven. Anyway, let's get on.

1. Jabbawockeez. We've been doing an inspired dance in our street dance class for a little more than a month now, and on Monday we were given masks to practise in! That was really cool.

2.  Results. I got the results back from a biology assessment I did the other week; I got 27/31, which is equivalent to an A! So pleased with myself. I only needed two more marks for an A*.

3. G's birthday! My littlest brother just had his 8th birthday on Friday! Love him to bits! We went bowling with a couple of his friends, and then to McDonalds afterwards. I teamed up with E, my other brother, for the bowling, and we lost. I can't believe we lost to a bunch of seven and eight year olds! The main highlight of my evening was unexpectedly seeing my friend Abigail!

It was also my friend Shane's birthday on Friday - happy 16th Shane!!

4. Competition! I finished crocheting an entry for a competition, I'll post a picture as soon as I can! I'm so incredibly happy with how she turned out!

5. Cats rehearsals. They were great today, I was having a laugh with Ariane, Harry and Abigail :)

19 November 2013


Hello again! I'm totally obsessed with this band right now, and their music is so incredibly catchy! I hope you like it as much as I do :)

17 November 2013

Think Happy...6/52...

This week has been nothing but happy for me! Well, maybe there were a few hiccups but I'm not going to let them get me down.

1. Contemporary class on Tuesday. I managed to get two girls from school to try it out! I don't think they're coming again but at least they tried. One thing I don't like about contemporary, however, is the bruises you get on your knees.

2. Half-day! We had one on Tuesday, so we finished school at 1pm instead of 3:30. It was a good excuse to get some homework done before my other friends came out of school, so I had the whole evening to talk to them.

3. We had non-uniform day on Friday for Children in Need. It was great fun :)

4. New clothes! My mum's friend gave me a beautiful skull-vest top from New Look, it's the one I wore in this post in the first picture.

5. Ballet! I had a good time with the girlies yesterday, and Kirsten was helping me with my arabesques.

6. Cats rehearsals!!!! Today we choreographed most of the first song and learnt more of the words to it. I really enjoy it, and I can honestly say it's brought my confidence levels up so much within just 6 hours (2 sessions!)

7. Snow! Apparently we're meant to get a lot of snow, so I'm hoping for a white xmas!

16 November 2013

Autumnal Weather...

Hello all! I can't believe we're already halfway through November!! 
I had dance again today with the girlies, we now have 'Onesie Saturdays'. Of course, I don't have a onesie so that defeats the purpose, but still. It was nice to get together with the girls again!
Afterwards I went to visit family. I visited my aunt, Aimie, as it's her birthday, and we wanted to say hi. I spent time with my cousin while I was there, dancing along to the Beach Boys with her.
Then I went over the road to see my other aunt, well she was out so we saw my uncle, and their new kitten. He's Bob, and about six weeks old ♥


Isn't he just the cutest? He was found, abandoned, on a building site! :o But he has the cutest personality, and face, and markings, and everything! He even uses the litter box!
But I was out with my camera before dance this morning, and look at the pretty leaves!


Wow, I didn't realise quite how many pictures I took! Anyway, I hope you enjoy them, and have a good weekend!

13 November 2013


I should have posted yesterday but school work and dance has been catching up with me, and I was just too busy. Here's my song of the week, a new release by Dommin, an amazing band :))))


11 November 2013

Think Happy...5/52...

I think it's official that I'm too lazy for my own good. Or I could just be described as busy...I like that better let's go with that. I'm a very busy person. This week has been very good, I think.

1. On Tuesday I auditioned for Cats the Musical and got through :)

2. On Wednesday evening I found out that I got cast as Victoria, my dream role! She's the ballet cat, and has a solo :)

3. On Saturday I went to my normal dance classes after a week off for the school holidays. This is me and my bestfriend, Hannah, in our lunch break.

4. On Sunday I had Cats rehearsals, and we were learning this song and I get a three-word duet with a girl called Megan, and our words are 'familiar with candle'. I think we sound really good singing together!
We also started learning this song/chant to give us a break from the first one. I didn't realise I'd like doing theatre as much as I do!!

Sorry for this post being late, but I haven't had a single free minute, what with all of my rehearsals!

6 November 2013

Cats the Musical...

I got through the auditions yesterday!! And guess who I've been cast as??

Victoria the White Cat!!!

I'm so happy! When I was looking through the characters list before the audition, Victoria really stood out for me, and now I get to perform as her!!

I don't have to sing any solos, luckily, and she's one of the lead dancers, and she has a solo!

Two of my friends are choreographing the musical, and one of them says he has a good idea for my solo already! Rehearsals last for 3 hours every Sunday, starting this weekend, so I'm all ready to go!

Wish me luck!!

5 November 2013


It's Tuesday so I'm back with another song! But today has a twist; I'm hopefully auditioning to be part of CATS the Musical tonight, and this is my favourite character from it :) Wish me luck!!


3 November 2013

Firework Party and Think Happy...4/52...

This week I've been on holiday from school and it's just been amazing. But I'll start with tonight first :)

My family and I went to my nan and granddad's house just round the corner to watch fireworks we'd bought. These are some of my favourite photos :)

I never knew the sparks did corkscrews!

I think this is so pretty!

Our second Catherine wheel!

These ones with the hearts are for all of my readers, and for my closest friends and family :)

 Think happy!

1. It was the holidays!!

2. I met with Lauren, who I haven't seen in over a year!

3. I met with Nikita, who I haven't seen in months!

4. I met with Greg, who I hadn't seen EVER!

5. I did a ballet performance, and some girls from school were watching.

6. I got to see Hannah, and the little Awang sisters :))

7. I saw amazing fireworks :)

8. I've been on webcam with Greg almost every day!

That's all for today, I could write so much more, but this is already long enough! Bye for now :)