17 November 2013

Think Happy...6/52...

This week has been nothing but happy for me! Well, maybe there were a few hiccups but I'm not going to let them get me down.

1. Contemporary class on Tuesday. I managed to get two girls from school to try it out! I don't think they're coming again but at least they tried. One thing I don't like about contemporary, however, is the bruises you get on your knees.

2. Half-day! We had one on Tuesday, so we finished school at 1pm instead of 3:30. It was a good excuse to get some homework done before my other friends came out of school, so I had the whole evening to talk to them.

3. We had non-uniform day on Friday for Children in Need. It was great fun :)

4. New clothes! My mum's friend gave me a beautiful skull-vest top from New Look, it's the one I wore in this post in the first picture.

5. Ballet! I had a good time with the girlies yesterday, and Kirsten was helping me with my arabesques.

6. Cats rehearsals!!!! Today we choreographed most of the first song and learnt more of the words to it. I really enjoy it, and I can honestly say it's brought my confidence levels up so much within just 6 hours (2 sessions!)

7. Snow! Apparently we're meant to get a lot of snow, so I'm hoping for a white xmas!

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