11 November 2013

Think Happy...5/52...

I think it's official that I'm too lazy for my own good. Or I could just be described as busy...I like that better let's go with that. I'm a very busy person. This week has been very good, I think.

1. On Tuesday I auditioned for Cats the Musical and got through :)

2. On Wednesday evening I found out that I got cast as Victoria, my dream role! She's the ballet cat, and has a solo :)

3. On Saturday I went to my normal dance classes after a week off for the school holidays. This is me and my bestfriend, Hannah, in our lunch break.

4. On Sunday I had Cats rehearsals, and we were learning this song and I get a three-word duet with a girl called Megan, and our words are 'familiar with candle'. I think we sound really good singing together!
We also started learning this song/chant to give us a break from the first one. I didn't realise I'd like doing theatre as much as I do!!

Sorry for this post being late, but I haven't had a single free minute, what with all of my rehearsals!

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