31 August 2014

think happy | 47/52

Hey guys! Right now, it's evening and I'm now pretty happy! Let's start!

1. I made up with Hannah this afternoon! It's made me so much happier!

2. I've not really done much this week, just been talking to Hannah at the start and it was so nice!

3. Contemporary was good!

4. The taster day at dance on Thursday was awesome! I took my first tap dance class, and I learnt our new contemporary dance!

30 August 2014


Earlier this morning I was browsing through the photos I took when I was on holiday, and they included a set of photos my mum took of me on the beach. What was I doing in those photos? Dancing. If there's one thing you have to do on the beach, it is to dance, whether you have nice weather or not. Especially when there are at least half a dozen people wondering what on earth you're doing.

Anyway, we took some shots of leaps, attempted scorpion leaps and and arabesques.

The photo on the left was taken at the end of August last year, and the one on the right was taken last Thursday. Oh how miserable the weather has been this year! But I really wanted to make this comparison, as I've seen improvements in class, and now I can see even more clearly here.

I'm happy with the amount that I've improved. Really happy. I think what I need to work on now is strengthening my back and really trying to get it more flexible, because my lines aren't all that pretty. I've been doing the cobra stretch a bit recently, and I can definitely feel it the following day, so I'd like to think it's working. Anyway, I shall continue with that.

Also, if you look at this photo of me back in March at our production of Cats the Musical, you can see my arabesque from five months ago.

I've improved a little since then, although the progress isn't as clear. I had a lot of work to do for this show. I mean, I didn't have my flat splits before I performed, and I was working right up until the show nights trying to get them as flat as I could. Typically, on the one night my family watched the show, I wobbled like heck in the arabesque. At least it wasn't our first or last night!

Since the show, I have slacked off a lot, in terms of splits. I spent some time before our summer break trying (and succeeding!) to get them, although I dread to think what they look like now after a month off from dance!

Anyway, enjoy the rest of your day! I'm off to go do a performance in our local park for charity, bye!

28 August 2014

my als ice bucket challenge

I'm sure you've heard of this new internet sensation that has spread across the globe. I've been nominated by two of my friends, Shane and Alice, so I thought I'd better do it before my 24 hours were up.

I've nominated my friend Nikita because the first thing she worries about in any situation is her hair!
Hannah becuase, why not? :P
Tom so he can put it on his YouTube!
And Michael and Martijn because I joked about it and they sounded so appalled by the idea of getting wet, that I really want to see now! Have fun boys xD

26 August 2014


So I'm back for this week's favourite song, and these past couple of days I've really been loving James Blunt again! This is one of my favourites, but they're all so pretty! Hope you enjoy it!

24 August 2014

think happy | 46/52

Hey guys, I'm officially back from my holiday and slightly more recovered! I've had stomach pains over this weekend, but now they seem to be coming to an end, so I'm feeling slightly more optimistic about everything.

1. I had a mini photoshoot on the beach! It was incredibly cold and windy, but I bravely ditched my hoodie to get this shot, among others. I'm hoping to write up a post on all of the shots, so here's one.

2. I had so many nice meals out with my family, and I'll be showing pictures over the course of this week.

3. I play a game called Ace of Spades, and within this game I'm part of a clan called the Lime Party. There was recently a competition between teams from different clans, the Ace of Spades World Cup, and Lime Party won! Although I didn't compete, it feels great, since our clan is probably one of the least competitive clans out there! Go team!

4. Hannah came back from Italy! Missed her so much!

5. Also related to Ace of Spades, I use this awesome software/program/Idon'tknowwhattocallit called TeamSpeak, and over this week I've been using it so much to talk to my fellow teammates and friends!

18 August 2014

think happy | 45/52

Hey all, looks like I have another post that's going up a day late. Better than never though I guess. Anyway, I'm going away to Wales today for a family holiday, so I won't be posting until Friday at the very earliest, possibly even Saturday. Anyway, here goes!

1. I had my hair cut much shorter, and it's so much easier to take care of now. I didn't want that much off, so my hairdresser kept it as long as she could, but a good three inches still ended up on the floor. On the bright side, it's all an even length now and looks much healthier.

2. I've made some new friends over the game I play (Ace Of Spades). We've Skyped a lot this week, and it's been so much fun! Thanks guys!

3. I watched Frozen with my cousin! It wasn't what I expected, let's just say that!

17 August 2014

abs and squats | days 19 and 20

These two days have been pretty cool! Luckily today was a rest day, so I sat gaming with my friends from Europe, and ate too much. Oh well! xD Here's yesterday's thoughts.

The sit ups. I did these in sets and they were hard work.

The leg raises. Just as hard as the sit ups.

The plank. I enjoy doing these planks, I feel them as being the easiest exercise.

The squats. These are my second favourite! They're challenging but I can feel the biggest improvement in my muscles.

Anyway, I'm leaving for holiday tomorrow morning, so I won't have any time for these workouts until next Saturday. When I get back, I will continue where I left off at day 21!

15 August 2014

abs and squats | day 18

Hey guys, I'm finally back on track, all aches and pains are gone, for the minute anyway.

The sit ups. I did these in four sets of 20, and they definitely worked me!

The crunches. Right. I hate to say this, but I'm not going to continue doing these anymore. Although I have gotten a more correct form, I tried these today and my neck was hurting yet again. That's the reason I won't be doing these anymore.

The leg raises. I did these in two sets of 24 and it hurt! Wow.

The plank. This was not as easy as before, but I could feel it.

The squats. I did these in sets so they weren't too bad.

14 August 2014

abs and squats | day 17

Hey guys! I've been super busy again today but I just had time to do these.

The sit ups. My neck is still too sore.

The crunches. As above.

The leg raises. Not too bad.

The plank. Easy!

The squats. Alright.

13 August 2014

abs and squats | days 15 and 16

I'm combining yesterday's and today's posts since today is a rest day and I didn't have the time to post yesterday.

The sit ups. I couldn't do them, I tweaked something in my neck.

The crunches. As above.

The leg raise. Not too bad.

The plank. Was easy, we did a ton at dance afterwards too!

The squats. These were okay today.

That's it for yesterday (day fifteen). I've been spending today looking for a dance to cover!


So right now I'm totally loving this song!! It's so pretty and has plenty of dance potential. I was too busy to post this yesterday, so you're getting it today instead :D

11 August 2014

abs and squats | day 14

Today I really threw myself into the workout. I've had possibly the worst day on my record, and there's nothing I could do to fix it. So my workout was more or less fuelled by anger and self pity.

The sit ups. I couldn't do them. I seriously want this neck to get better, it's bumming me out!

The crunches. Same as before.

The leg raises. I did these! Not too bad, got much worse at the end though.

The plank. Hardest one I've done yet. I managed it, but as I looked up at the clock I felt something tweak in my already painful neck. Great way to top off today.

The squats. I really enjoyed the burn today. I've found it distracts me from life.

think happy | 44/52

So this week has probably been the most productive one I've had in a while. I managed to get some things done, so much so that I forgot to write this yesterday! Anyhow, I'm writing this today instead.

1. I met up with friends on Saturday, at the festival, and had a great time! Don't have any pictures with them, shame! It was awesome.

2. My photo got on the popular page of 365 Project!

3. There's been some good tv this week, actually. The Great British Bake Off was on on Wednesday, Tumble was on on Saturday and Got To Dance was on on Saturday and Sunday, although I didn't watch it.

4. I had contemporary on Tuesday, which was great. We finished our first troupe dance, and I got to test out my new leotard. I also got offered a solo, so I've found some music out for that!

10 August 2014

abs and squats | day 13

Hey all! Some bad news...my neck is still hurting so badly from the ride I went on at the fair yesterday, meaning I can hardly move my head at all. Dan offered a massage, sadly we couldn't meet up.

The sit ups. I couldn't do these because of my neck, sadly!

The crunches. Yet again, I couldn't do these. I don't want to hurt my neck any more.

The leg raises. These weren't too bad.

The plank. Not bad.

The squats. These weren't bad at all.

9 August 2014

Today Will Go Down In My Diary, That's For Sure...

You may have read here that my town had a music festival today. I went with my dance school to perform two dances, one at 12, then one at 3:35.

After the first dance I went on the waltzers, since there were loads of big rides at the festival, as well as food stands. It's the fastest fairground ride I've ever been on in my life, so much so that my neck ended up almost snapping backwards and now still really hurts, yay for whiplash! But it was so fun at the same time, and Imi and I (who I shared a car with), screamed so much and had no hands for most of it. Our friend Katie was watching because she hates that ride, and now I know why!

Then I proposed that we go see our school friend Eve singing in the acoustic tent, but Katie didn't want to, so Imi and I went to watch by ourselves. Towards the end of the set my friend Dan turned up and watched with us. We've been talking for only three days, but it was so great to actually meet him!

After Eve's set we went to find Katie, and ended up just standing around talking for a bit, while she tried to rub off the glitter on my shoes. That failed.

Katie dislikes the glitter xD

Then Lydia and Sacha, more of our friends, went on a ride and we watched for a while. Dan and I decided to get away from the noisy fairground for a bit, so we went and sat in the park in the middle of town. We had so much fun!

The girls were in the car on the right

Then he walked me back to the festival and went home, so I had to be sneaky and sneak past the people collecting money for charity on the gate! I was five minutes late to where we were supposed to meet before our dance, so it was a bit awkward walking up to everyone, but oh well! I'd rather have a good time with my friends!

Anyway we danced our last Sadler's dance, I saw a girl I know called Ashleigh, then I had an ice cream with my mum and went home. That was today! Let's just say that it wasn't just the waltzers that made me feel funny!

Abs and Squats | Day 12...

I'm so glad that today is a rest day, more glad than before! Today in a local park there was our town's music festival, which turned out to be so much fun! I had two dance performances, each dance was 5 minutes long. So, that was exhausting!

8 August 2014

Abs and Squats | Day 11...

Today has been a good day in general, so that put me in a good mood for the workout.

The sit ups. These weren't so bad. I could feel them a bit, but they weren't as hard as on the first day.

The crunches. I definitely felt these.

The leg raises. These weren't actually so bad today!

The plank. Was okay on my core. I did this after the squats, so I felt my thighs burn!

The squats. I found these much easier than I expected today. I did two sets of 55, and I didn't feel them as much as yesterday, although my legs were a bit shakey afterwards. My thighs are starting to feel much stronger too. I can see and feel muscles on the tops and sides, which is amazing, I didn't expect that!

7 August 2014

Abs and Squats | Day 10...

I was looking forward to today's workout, which is great!

The sit ups. I did a set of 30 and a set of 20, and they weren't too bad :P

The crunches. I'm so happy with these now! I still have points where I find myself using my back and shoulders, but I've been using my core a lot.

The leg raises. I did these all in one set. I felt like stopping at 15, and then doing another set, but I pushed through the ache.

The plank. This was easy.

The squats. Not too bad.

6 August 2014

Abs and Squats | Days 8 and 9...

Well yesterday I had a lovely rest, only to be followed by numerous planks in contemporary! They were super easy though - I didn't feel a thing, so this must be paying off to some degree.

So today's workout.

The sit ups. Not too bad.

The crunches. I've now looked up more tutorials for crunches and seen some more tips. I think I was using my back too much, that's why my neck hurt so badly.

The leg raises. Painful!

The plank. This was easy again!

The squats. Pretty easy, surprisingly!

5 August 2014


I'm now officially obsessed with this song! It's so catchy, it has a great beat, and it's just so much fun!! Watch this space!

4 August 2014

Abs and Squats | Day 7...

Hey, guys, today was better than expected!

The sit ups. These weren't too bad!

The crunches. These hurt so bad. Had to hold my head because my neck was hurting again.

The leg raises. I did two sets of 10, because you can only go for so long!

The plank. This was the easiest part!

The squats. These weren't too bad. Did them in two sets of 40.

3 August 2014

Think Happy...43/52...

Today is just a flying visit, I've lost track of the days and just remembered this!

1. I've been watching a lot of Sword Art Online recently, and I finished season 1 today! It was so awesome, and it almost made me cry!

2. This week has been another for relaxing. I didn't do much to be productive, but it turned out okay.

3. I was on Skype a lot too! On Friday I skyped with Harry, who I haven't spoken to in a long time; when he left I called and was speaking to Hannah for a couple of hours, which was great since I haven't really heard form her for a while. Then on Saturday I skyped Charlie during the storms we were both having, and that made it more bearable, I really hate storms!

4. On Tuesday my new leotard came in the post! I'm so excited about it because it looks so pretty and fits perfectly! I ordered it from Dance Direct, and it's a Bloch leotard with a low back, and both the front and back are pinched. It was also quite cheap (for a leo), which I was super pleased about because Bloch things are often just out of my price range, and their pointe shoes don't fit my feet. Now I get to test it out on Tuesday in contemporary :D

5. I needed my own gaming headset because I was constantly borrowing my brother's, which was annoying in more than one way. So I was browsing the internet and stumbled across a set on the Asda website, and they were only £30, yet they're a good quality headset.

As it so happened, my mum was just going up town, so she kindly picked the last set in the shop up for me! I'm so happy with them, and I'm so lucky that they're mine!

6. I've been working on a new crochet project, half from a pattern and half from my brain. You want a sneak peak? Maybe on Monday ;)

Abs and Squats | Day 6...

Hey y'all, today wasn't so bad. I'm seeing progress! My outer thighs hurt after the squats today, like they do, and they felt rock solid! Hopefully these muscles will get stronger!

The sit ups. These weren't too bad, only started feeling them at number 18.

The crunches. Ouch! These hurt a lot, and my neck hurt too.

The leg raises. Quite painful.

The plank. Only hurt from everything else.

The squats. I did two sets of 35, and this worked!

2 August 2014

Abs and Squats | Day 5...

Another day down! I'm beginning to think I can actually do this now; I'm a sixth of the way through! I'm going to have to take a break from the 18th to the 22nd, when I'm on holiday, but apart from that I should be good! I think I'll carry on from where I left off starting on the 23rd.

The sit ups.

The crunches.

The leg raises.

The plank.

The squats.

Erm.....confession time......I didn't actualky have time to do the workout today, I was so busy. I'm going to skip this day of the calender and just jump back to tomorrow's workout in the morning! Sorry!

1 August 2014

Abs and Squats | Day 4...

Hi guys! Today I had a nice time doing not a lot, yet somehow it still felt more productive than usual! Anyway, I was relaxing, and I decided to do some stretches from today's box on the Blogilates August workout calender, and that was nice!

Pictures will be uploaded tomorrow.