teeny-tiny kitten

Hello! Yes, I have been working on another pattern, so here it is!

Head and Body
Make a magic ring, ch 1.
1. 6dc in ring (6)
2. [Dc, inc] around (9)
3. Dc around (9)
Stuff head.
4. [Dc, dec] around (6)
5. Dc around (6)
6. Inc around (12)
7-11. Dc around (12)
Stuff body.
12. In back loops only, dec around (6)
FO, leaving a long tail to sew up. Weave yarn tail through the front loops of each st and pull tight. Weave in tail and cut it to finish.
Ears (make 2)
Ch 2, sl st in 2nd ch from hook.
FO and sew to head. Weave in all ends.
One ear
Insert hook into a loop at the bottom of the cat's back. Pull up a loop and ch 7.
FO and weave in all ends.
Inserting hook into loop
Pulling up a loop

After chaining 7
You can now embroider eyes or use tiny beads if you wish. You can also tie a thin ribbon around the neck if you'd like.
Rear view

Front view

You are free to sell any kittens you make and you can link to this pattern on your blog or website, but please don’t sell this pattern or claim it as your own, link it to my blog instead. Thank you.


  1. Cute! Were you inspired by this?

    1. Ooh, no I wasn't, but they do look very similar! Hehee :)