18 January 2015


School is just so demanding. As is sickness, and dance, and keeping fit. It seems like I've had no time to blog in a long time, which I regret a lot. But it's nothing to fret over. Other aspects of my life right now are going okay.

I've gotten the results back from my mock GCSE exams that I sat for the fortnight before Christmas break and the week after. I got 9 A*s, 9 As, 4 Bs and a U (don't even ask about that one!). But I'm mostly pleased about those, and I now know what I need to study more to improve for my actual GCSEs. But before those, I still have my Creative Writing AS mock and more science mocks!

Dance has also gotten pretty busy recently. I'm now at the studio from 11am until 4:30pm every Saturday, for extra rehearsals. In exactly 13 weeks, we'll be dancing at the O2 in London! Eeek I'm so excited! This means I'll get to perform two twelve minute dances and be in the finalé! I can't wait!

I'd also like to talk about general fitness. Before Christmas I decided that I needed to build strength in my core, arms, legs, hips, basically everything, for ballet. Then I thought, why not just start now in the holidays before school starts back?

I'm proud to say that, on day 29, I've seen some progress! I mean, I saw a little bit of toning before, but now I feel even more ready to keep up the work! My stomach has started to see a little bit of toning when I flex, and I'm less bloated than I was before. I can lift my legs higher in developpé for ballet, and I can feel that I'm just stronger.

In addition to all of these daily workouts, I've been eating a lot more fruit and vegetables and drinking almost 2 litres of water a day, which is so much more than I was drinking before. Thanks to these and the exercise, my stomach is less bloated and my skin is so much clearer! I'm beginning to feel like I have more energy too!

Anyway, have a photo I created today. Happy Winnie The Pooh day!


  1. I just did my mock Biology couple of weeks ago and I was gutted that I'm only a mark of B grade. My teacher is quite disappointed with everyone because for our end of unit progress test, we always get A-A* but I guess we didn't revise enough XD

    1. Aha aww, well done anyway! At least you know where you can improve! x

  2. Oh, nice photo! Do you have a Flickr? ^_^