18 May 2014

Think Happy...32/52...

Hello guys, I'm in a super summery mood today, are you feeling the heat too? This week has been a good one!

1. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous, I mean, yesterday it hit 24 degrees C, and today was just as hot! It's been amazing to see the blue sky and be able to wear summer clothes!

2. My friend Jack introduced me to a new artist, Abandoning Sunday, he's so amazing!

3. Skype, yet again! I've been on Skype with Jack a lot this week, which was so fun! We just talk and talk and talk!

4. Dance classes! They've been incredibly stressful at times, yes, but it's been so fun seeing all of my friends and dancing with them! The only negative has been that a girl in my class is on crutches and won't be able to perform some of the dances in our show (which is five days away!) if any! I'm praying that she gets better soon!

5. Dance show rehearsals today and yesterday! They've been so good! Some of the dances haven't gone to plan, but that's just due to a lack of space on stage, so we're figuring stuff out in class this week. The costumes have been amazing, and I've not really had any super quick changes this year. One of my changes only involves changing a skirt.

We've rehearsed the finalé (we bow then stand and clap while we wait for the other groups to bow) three times in total now, and it's a bit of a squish to get on stage! We've had to put a lot of people on the floor of the hall with the audience, but I'm on the stage with hundreds of other dance students! I'm also on the back line, meaning that I get squished into the backcloth and feel all claustrophobic. I guess it's a good thing I'm taller than a lot of the children though!

As I'm a senior dancer (one of the oldest), in the finalé I get to lead a line of children onto the stage, with Hannah bringing up the rear. I love my line! I don't know many of the kids on it, but they're all at least ten years old and know what they're doing and how to behave. The only people I really know on my line are Travis and Jack (my best friend Jack). They're both taller than me, so since I'm meant to be the tallest, oldest one it's pretty funny! For the last finalé run-through we did today, Jack had disappeared off and joined another line for a reason still unknown to me, so I was left holding Travis' hand while we walked on stage and bowed.

Costumes for Electricity (left) and Strangers Like Me (right)

6. My job interview! Last month, I applied for a summer 'job', I suppose you could call it, so I had a kind of informal interview today, and I'd like to say that it went okay, but I'm relying on luck that I get it! If I don't, all that means is I get to spend more time with my friends in the summer, so it's kind of a win-win situation, really.

That's it, I think! I hope you enjoyed reading this today, are there any more details you'd love to know about my dance show? Feel free to drop a comment about how your week was!


  1. Ahhhaaaa yess, the weather has been amazing, and btw is it weird but I have a friend called Jack and we Skype each other almost everyday too :D XD :)


    1. Sorry it's taken so long to reply, dance has been hectic this week! That's so crazy, are you sure we're not secretly twins? xD :D xx

    2. for the past couple of weeks, it was crazy for me too, drama rehearsals almost everyday!
      Haahahaa I don't know, might be long lost twins XD


    3. Aha wow, we might actually be! xD I hope it went well!