5 May 2014

Think Happy...30/52...

Hi everyone, I'm posting this today because it's the last day of the long weekend we're having here in the UK.

1. I filmed a dance cover! You may have noticed that I had to take it down, but it still happened! Sorry about that guys.

2. Today I danced at the nursing home again, and I ended up dancing a duet with Holly, a girl who's five years younger than me, and two solos. Everyone there had such big smiles!

Georgie in costume!

3. This afternoon I went to a Fayre in town and saw a couple of my friends from dance there. I also saw a guy from my maths class performing with his gymnastics class. I knew he was a professional, but oh my gosh he's so unbelievably amazing! There were also Irish dancers, and they were so good too!

4. My brother made soup at school, it's my favourite recipe!

5. Exams are almost all over! Just one left tomorrow.

6. My friends (one or two in particular) are making life so good right now! If you're reading this, then you know who you are!

7. I'm feeling inspired for my photography!

Thanks for reading, yet again, I'll see you tomorrow for a song recommendation :D

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