12 May 2014

Think Happy...31/52...

Hello again, how's everything going? Last week was partly hectic and partly relaxed, I've not had such a mix in a long time, it's seems to have been super busy all the time since my birthday last year! Let's start from the beginning of the week...

1. Monday was good, I walked along to the nursing home and danced there. I ended up dancing a duet with a girl from my contemporary class, then the little girls from the ballet class I teach did one of their dances. I then did two solos, both of my pointework dances, as the other girls from my class weren't there. The old people we danced for (not meaning to sound disrespectful at all!) loved us, they had such big smiles on their faces!

2. On Tuesday I had my last exam, which we ended up having a fire alarm go off in (!) so it was nice just to go home afterwards and then go to contemporary class. My friend Jack dances in the class just before mine, so I got to see him and we yelled hi across the studio and waved! Aha, it was a good class :D

3. I've had the rest of the evenings last week doing almost nothing, apart from the odd bit of homework. It's felt so good just to be able to relax after having had so much revision to do! This time next year, however, will be another matter entirely! I'll be sitting my actual GCSEs!

4. On Wednesday I went to see Hannah's school production of Phantom of the Opera, and my gosh, it was so perfect! I can't sing enough praise for the cast, they definitely did the show justice, without a doubt!

5. On Saturday I got to see Hannah again and praise her for her performance. She's been so busy that we've hardly had a chance to talk, which was sad. But we danced together for hours; it was nice to see her again!

6. Yesterday (Sunday) I had to go to my school for four hours, from 10am until 2pm. We seniors and adults (plus some of the small children) from our dance school were required to go in and run through our show, which is now in eleven days!

For the first hour and 45 minutes, we had a 'tour' around the part of the school we're going to be in, and we practiced some dances in the back of the hall while the stage was in use. One of the songs being run through on stage at the same time was Skimbleshanks the Railway Cat from Cats the Musical. Remember I was in a production of that the other month? Well Shane and myself danced our version of the dance at the back of the hall, resulting in a few strange looks but we had so much fun! I don't even know how I remembered it all to be fair!

For the last two hours or so, we ran through the seniors' and adults' dances on stage. The stage is really quite small, so Strangers Like Me (my contemporary dance) didn't quite go to plan, but overall it wasn't too bad! At the end of Strangers Like Me, Tan, Harriet and myself get to jump off the edge of the stage and onto the floor, which is so fun!

But one of the most fun parts about yesterday was spending it with my friends. Hannah, unfortunately, wasn't there as she needed a day off from dancing, but I had other people to hang out with. I was with Hollie and Louise for quite a lot of the time (when I wasn't dancing, which was rare), Shane, Imogen, Katie and Jack. I haven't spent so much time with them for a while, so it was nice to be able to, even just between dances.

7. Oh Skype, where would I be without you? Drowning in a pool of my own loneliness that's where! So yeah, I was on Skype last night with Jack for over an hour, and his sister (who I danced with in London) and his mum were both chatting away with me too! It was so much fun :D

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