9 May 2014

Moving On...

An old friendship bracelet I've been wearing recently. I used to be so close to the girl who gave this to me, only now she does not even bother to reply to my numerous messages, even when I heard some worrying news about her and had expressed my worry for her. I guess some people just no longer want to try.

On a more positive note, I have now found myself some people to sit with at school and some friends within my classes. None of them are really people that I talk to outside of school, I don't text them or send them a message on Facebook very often, but they're, for the most part, nice girls to be with during school.

But most importantly of all, I have found some very close friends within my dance school and theatre company.

 My best friend, you'll know this if you've been reading for a while, is Hannah. We've been dancing at the same school for almost eleven years now, but we've only been talking and dancing together for about a year and a half, if that! Now we dance together three times a week and we are quite literally inseparable! We 'declared' our best-friendship one year and two months ago this Monday coming.
In fairness, I've never looked back, she means too much to me to let go! The past couple of weeks have been difficult for both of us; we've hardly talked as she's been at rehearsals and the shows of her school's production for Phantom of the Opera, and I've had fourteen exams. Luckily we have dance together tomorrow to rehearse for our annual dance show.

Another of my close friends is a guy called Jack. We've only been close for a couple of months, if that, but we're already pretty close. We've hardly spoken in person, but that's simply a result of us not taking dance classes together and going to different schools. We have one class after each other and we always say hi then; his smile really is so infectious! We will be having three weekends together rehearsing and performing together now, so time to make memories and photos!

Thank you for reading this post, I think it's the most personal one I've done in a long time, if not ever. Do you like reading things like this? Let me know what you think!

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