25 May 2014

Think Happy...33/52...

So much has happened this week, wow! I've broken up from school now, meaning I have a week off, which is a welcome relief!

1. I haven't sweated so much in dance class in such a long time, but in contemporary on Tuesday I was working so hard that I beat my record! Lovely image, I know, but I love pushing myself in class, even when I feel faint.

2. Our English class on a Friday is the last lesson of the week, so this week our teacher let us watch some of this version of Macbeth to finish the half-term. It was really interesting to see how it was put together in comparison to the original play. Which reminds me, in exactly one month's time, I'm going to see Macbeth live in a park a short drive away with around sixty of my fellow pupils. I'm hoping that, as it's summer, we'll be able to have a picnic and sit on blankets to watch, which should be fun!

3. The dance shows. I mean, wow. It was so much fun to be able to dance with all of my friends, and make so many more! I'll be posting about it tomorrow. And it will be done, unlike the times I said about writing posts for Cats and Sadler's Wells Theatre. I might actually write them at some point in the near future!

With my gorgeous dance teacher!

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