1 June 2014

Think Happy...34/52...

This week has been pretty good, especially since it's been half-term! Although, I must admit, I just took the opportunity to sit around the house and do absolutely nothing, for the most part! The most productive I've been is doing some of my homework today (eek, I really shouldn't leave it to last minute every time!), and recording a YouTube video - more on that later;)

Revision (why do I look so happy about it?!)

1. Anyway, the first thing that springs to mind when someone says 'happy' is Skype. Again. Why do I always end up engrossed in the virtual world? But seriously, yesterday I spent almost four hours on Skype with Jack again. We spent the first hour or two talking rubbish while we gamed (him on Fifa, myself on Ace of Spades), with the occasional appearance of his cousins and sister. The last two hours I spent talking to him, his sister and two cousins (they were having a sleepover, get it now?) and we even played Disney trivia! I've decided now - we need to have a Disney movie marathon!

2. I've been trying my hair out in a bun all week, and I must say, it makes me look quite grown up! What do you think of it?

3. Oh, remember we talked about a YouTube video earlier? Well here's the link: Ace Of Spades - Girl's Night with Hannah and Carys! Please check it out, like and subscribe if you wish to see more videos like this! I've had so many of my friends comment on how funny they think this video is, and Jack can't shut up making jokes about how I 'get stuck in a crouch'! (P.s. Watch the video to see what I mean!)

4. The only active thing I did for the whole week was a ten minute ab workout I found on YouTube. I actually really enjoyed it, so I went onto my favourite workout site Blogilates and I'm now starting the daily workouts (or at least one exercise from each day!). Wish me luck!

That's all I can think of right now, so thanks for reading, I'll see you on Tuesday for a new song I was introduced to yesterday.


  1. I love your accent!!! (I'm not from the UK, so whenever I hear someone who is, I love to listen to how they speak!) ^_^

    1. Aww thanks! Hehe, where are you from? ^_^ xx