29 June 2014

Think Happy...38/52...

I'd say this week has been awesome, to be honest. A few minor arguments with someone special and a few lessons have been learnt, but it's nothing major.

1. This week I completed a dress I was making in school. It's made out of pillowcases, and we're going to send them off to a school in Zambia. I'm so happy with mine, it's only really the second thing I've ever sewn!

2. I had a great time when I went to see Macbeth the other evening with around 60 people in my year at school. We had a picnic, my friend had brought the most delicious sandwiches (she's Romanian, so she knows all about great food!) and one of the others brought toffee popcorn for us all.

Left to right - me, Katie, Jasmine and Ioana

3. Ballet has made me super motivated now, and I just read this post which has boosted my mood even more!! And Hannah and I started rehearsing for our YouTube channel!

4. In street dance on Monday, Hannah and I were asked to perform at her old school's fete on Friday 4th July, so that should be great - there will only be four of us dancing!

5. In contemporary on Tuesday, Tan had changed the ending of the dance (I couldn't get the hang of it at all last week), and I could actually do it this week, so I love the new version! Also, Joel Tolhurst (a famous dancer who occasionally teaches street dance at our school) stopped in our lesson and joined in, which was absolutely incredible!

6. Yesterday I also performed at a local primary school with the London crew, which was pretty cool, it even stopped raining for ten minutes for us to perform!

I'm on the back right, with my arm in the air. I'm standing next to my friends Katie (sticking out on the right) and George.

Well I think that's all for now. I hope your week has been good, see you soon!

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