21 June 2014

Feeling Discouraged...

So time for a reflection post today, I think. At pointe class today, we were working through feet exercises and basically just working in our shoes. It got me thinking of how I really need to break my shoes in, as soon as possible.

I was really struggling today as a result of the inflexibility of the shanks, especially in my left shoe. This has always been my weaker foot, but at least in my old shoes I had managed to get an arch into the shoe and could get over en pointe easily. Now, I could barely do the exercises, much less correctly. I couldn't get fully onto pointe. I mean, I almost did, but I was cursing my near-rigid shank the entire class. I was going over with bent knees and pushing into my arches hard, for goodness sake!

I know it will all come with time and wearing in my shoes. I've been told a million times. But the thing that annoys me the most is that I used to be able to do all of these things in my sleep, and I know how it feels to do them, but I physically can't now! My old shoes were broken in just right, so when I danced in them they felt like a part of me. But my new shoes feel like they're big, clunky and getting in the way when I dance. I can't move freely in them, and it's all down to not being broken in.

Here's a video of me pirouetting in my new pointes. It really shows how uncomfortable I am doing them in these shoes. You can see my shoulders ride up tall and lack of spotting (not that I ever spot for pirouettes anway, just for chainées).

So please, if any of you have any ways of breaking in my shoes faster (or any tips for pirouettes!), I would very much appreciate it! I felt like crying in frustration all through class and afterwards, I really hate this!


  1. There are always those times when you feel discouraged, but just have confidence and practice! I don't have any tips for pointe work because I don't do it yet (I'm 12), but I do have tips for pirouettes. If you can't quite get it en pointe, try it on flat. Make sure to spot, too. Spotting is extremely important because it keeps you balanced. (It also helps get you around, especially when doing multiple pirouettes.) Once you are successful on that, go on the barre, and releve into pirouette position without turning. That way you'll get the correct movement. After you have the correct placement, try it for real. Keep on practicing that, and you'll eventually get it. :) Good luck!

    1. Thank you so much Phia, I'll definitely try that when I'm next in the studio! I agree that I need to spot, as it always helps with chainées, but I always manage to forget for pirouettes! Haha, thanks again :D xx