15 June 2014

Think Happy...36/52...

Hi guys, I have had quite a good week, and it's gone so quickly! I wish time could pass more slowly at times like these, when I'm having good days and looking forward to things it almost feels like I'm wishing my life away. But then again, we all just want to have the good things and reject the bad, so I guess it's only natural.

1. I've made some friendship bracelets, both for myself and some friends. I made the green one for Jack, and the rainbow one for a little girl I teach called Amber. Mine are not pictured.

2. My brother made a yummy 'trifle cheescake' at school this week, with fresh strawberries, custard, cream and biscuit. It tasted so good!

3. On Friday I got the opportunity to dance at a large cricket stadium 40 minutes away from where I live. I danced with my dance school, and it was such an amazing experience! We're dancing there again on 23rd July. There were videos taken, but they were so blurry it's unreal, as the pitch was huge! I'm going to get someone to record our next one on my big camera for better quality footage.

4. Yesterday we did another performance, this time at a fundraiser in a nearby town, and I have better videos of that. I've put them on YouTube for you to see, but as unlisted. We danced them back-to-back, so ten minutes of solid dancing.

The links are HERE and HERE!

5. I'm going blonde again! Yay for summer!

So anyhow, that's my week, I hope you enjoyed the videos and photos!