22 June 2014

Think Happy...37/52...

Aside from endless revision, I'd say that this week has turned out fairly well. You may know that I haven't got to sit my GCSEs until this time next year, thankfully. But on Friday I did have a German Speaking Exam, which could possibly count towards my GCSE grade, if it's good enough. But now that that's over and done with, I can just sit and feel all summery!

1. I had ballet! Eh, if you saw yesterday's post, you might already know that it didn't go to plan at all. But I did get to see my little girls for (mostly) the first time in a fortnight, and Hannah!

Hannah's a size 3 and I'm a 6! The box doesn't help either, I have tall boxes too!

2. I had a peach for the first time in ages!

3. I found out a load more performance dates for dancing, I'm going to be such a busy little bee!

4. I've been on Skype with Charlie and Ezra a lot these past couple of nights, I think it's been three in a row, and that was such a lot of fun!

5. Planning a YouTuber cinema visit soon! Eek!!

I think that's all for now, so I hope your week was better than mine!

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