baby hearts

Do you fancy making yourself or a loved one a quick little gift? Well pull up a chair, you can crochet dozens of these cute little hearts in very little time at all!

These hearts are made as two flat pieces and are then sewn together and stuffed to make cute little puffy gifts!

Yarn of any weight (I used DK)
Hook a couple of sizes smaller than you would normally use for the yarn (instead of using a 4mm hook for my DK, I used a 2.5mm hook)
Tapestry needle

These instructions are written in English using UK terminology.

Heart Side (make 2)
1. 2dc in 2nd ch from hook. Ch1, turn (2)
2. 2dc in each st. Ch1, turn (4)
3. 2dc in first st, dc in each of next 2sts, 2dc in last st. Ch1, turn (6)
4. Dc across. Ch1, turn (6)
5. 3dc. Ch1, turn (3)
6. Dc3tog (1)

Fo and rejoin yarn to 4th st of row 5. Ch1.

5. 3dc. Ch1, turn (3)
6. Dc3tog (1)

Fo and weave in ends.

After making two of these side pieces, put them together, right sides facing out, and start to sew around the edges using an extra length of yarn and your tapestry needle.
Stuff when you've sewn almost all of the way around, then finish sewing. Weave in yarn end.

And tah-dah! You've finished a super cute little Baby Heart!! Why not make more for all of your friends or loved one?

You are free to sell any hearts you make and you can link to this pattern on your blog or website, but please don’t sell this pattern or claim it as your own, link it to my blog instead. Thank you.