1 December 2013

The Best Day Ever...

Yesterday was a good day. A very good day, in fact. I woke up late in the morning, which meant I'd had a lot of sleep last night; it felt great to be snuggled up under the duvet and various blankets!

I got up, dressed, brushed my teeth, did my make-up, you know, the usual, and checked my laptop.

Little did I know that when I opened up my 365 Project account that I'd have 27 notifications to check through, and that my succulent photo had been featured on the home page and that it was also on the popular page!

Home page

Popular page
I was so unbelievably happy, and I walked around for the whole morning with the hugest smile on my face!

What else made me very happy today, you might ask? I had my dance classes again, surprise surprise, and the little girlies were so cute again!

We were doing character dances with them, to this amazing song! And I think Hannah and I are going to be doing a 'duet' section in it together! I actually can't wait!

I also found out that my right pointe shoe is broken in just right, so now I can go fully over and not worry about falling over!

I love my hairy little succulent!! It has brought me so much 'fame', you could call it, and it's just so cute!!

P.s. This post was scheduled to be released yesterday, but because of time I have to post it today. I will still be writing my Think Happy post for today too, so double-post day! Yay!


  1. Well, you are a great photographer, so I'm not surprised! Congrats! :)