28 December 2013

My Makeup Routine...

Considering I've been pretty lazy over the past few days, I thought that today I'd make an effort to create a nice post for you all. And what's better than something most girls and ladies do every day - make up!

I got quite a lot of lovely makeup this Christmas, so I am merely 'showing off' my new products; I am not advertising them in any way (gee, I wish I could get paid for it!!), although I will be reviewing them.

Aww, I got all of my makeup in this super pretty cereal bowl!! Isn't it beautiful?

Anyway, I start off every morning by washing my face clean with some Witch facial wash (which I forgot to photograph - clever me). Since I'm a teenager I have quite a lot of spots, but I've found this really helps if I use it twice a day.

What I next do is apply my Avon Magix 'foundation' all over my face. I normally prefer the other version (the 'face perfector') that isn't as shiny and is slightly thicker, but this is really cool! It doesn't wear off at all, and the tube lasts quite a long time. The only bad point is that I don't have a regular Avon magazine, so I have to buy in bulk.

Next I use concealer under my eyes and over any spots I have. I think this came free with an Avon catalogue one time, but I really like it.

Now comes my powder. I use Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder, with just a simple foam puff.

Eyeliner. I only have a very thin line, mainly to my outer upper lid. I love pencil liners for how I use them, but if I was going to do a cat's eye I'd definitely need a liquid liner.

I got this one a while back...

...and this one for Christmas.

Now for my eye shadow. I use this Rimmel London purple set, and it's so natural looking!

This is the back of the packet, and I apply it as it suggests, which turns out very very nicely!

Now for some close-ups...

Mascara. I am actually so bad at putting on mascara so my eyes are sore from being jabbed so much, but I'm getting better.

The brush has a really nice curve to it, which makes it that much easier to apply.

And here's what the bottle says:

Lastly, lip balm/colour.  Baby Lips 'Pink Punch'. I really genuinely love this; my lips are so soft and it tastes/smells soooo good!

That's it for my daily 'routine', but here are some other products I got for Christmas.

I painted my nails the other day with my new Rimmel London 60 Second nail varnish in the colourway 210 (Ethereal). It has a wider brush which means a much much easier application and I only need about 2 strokes to fully cover each nail.

I got this beautiful lip balm which has a strawberry jam flavour!

And a matching hand cream, which smells gorgeous (but not of strawberry jam!).

And I am totally in love with my new bracelets! I got three which all go perfectly together, only I've managed to misplace the third one already....it'll show up soon, I'm sure!

This pretty one is covered in sparkly beads that catch the light!

And this one is my favourite!

It's so delicate and I have barely taken it off since I got it!

So that's all for today, I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone, and that you got everything you wished for for Christmas. Thank you to everyone who bought me gifts and I am also so so thankful to each and every person that reads my blog! I hope it wouldn't be too much to ask to share it around a little, so I can gain even more fabulous readers? Please? Hahaha, thanks in advance :)

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