22 December 2013

Think Happy...11/52...

Helloooooooo, this is the second post of today! If you missed the first one, it's right here.

This week has been pretty good, if I do say so. There were so many good things that happened for me!

1. I got Christmas presents at school! This resulted in me carrying around a huge bag full of them at school, but I know what they are, and I can't wait to eat them.

2. I had Cats rehearsals on Tuesday, which went really well and I had a great laugh with the girls (+ Ethan +Harry!). Apart from Ethan locking everyone, including himself!, out of the building, it was hilarious! I had to miss contemporary though, to fit this rehearsal in, which I don't think my teacher/friend was very happy about, if I'm honest, since two other friends from the class were also at Cats with me!

3. I finished school for the holidays at 12pm on Thursday, meaning I could go home and just relax!!

4. Dancing on yesterday, where we had lots of festive games with the little girlies and dance to Kingsland Road's new song!! (It's a free download too, why not get it on your phone?)

Hannah and I had to untangle the rainbow streamers, and there are probably about twenty of them, each had at least 2 knots in!

Myself and Georgie! I love these teeny tiny chairs!!

Hannah has no reason to look so moody in this picture - she's the one who sat underneath my leg!!

Aww, this one's cute :3


And this one :)

Aaaaaand this one!
We also posed for selfies in our lunch break :)
5. I had more Cats rehearsals today, and they were really good!! I bought a 'limited edition' t-shirt and we choreographed some more, including a lift I do with my friend Imogen!
I've also been thinking more about my duet/solo part, and since I get to choreograph it myself, I'm kind of edging towards a duet - I have a couple of really pretty ideas for it!
6. BUNTING! I'm sooo happy with it! I'm not quite done, but it's looking ever so pretty :D
7. It's 3 days until Christmas!!!!
That's it for now, I'll post again tomorrow. Byee!!

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