8 December 2013

Think Happy...9/52...

Hello, how is everyone? Good? I hope so!

This week hasn't been great, I must admit. My friend is really ill again, one of my bestfriends has had mock exams all week so we haven't talked much, and another of my bestfriends has been totally upset and I couldn't do anything to help.

But this is a post for happiness, to remind me to take joy in all the little things that matter to me. So here we go.

1. A really cute little girl won my mouse and she's just the cutest!!

2. Christmas Fayre at my littlest brother's school! Okay, I can walk the circuit of that school in less than 40 seconds, but I met up with five my friends (two of whom I stuck around with) and had a great time eating cupcakes and burgers!

Nina (left) and myself, trust us to not get the picture in focus xD

4. Dance classes yesterday. We're working on the little girls' character dance and ohmygosh it's so cute!!

5. Cookies! We made delicious cookies from this recipe on my favourite blog.

Fresh out of the oven!
6. Cats rehearsals today! After a minor dilemma of having to change venue last minute (and travelling to it with the four little girlies I love so much) we got in three great hours of rehearsals.

We started the Pre-Ball dance, which I and my friend have a long time dancing on stage together, which is fun and so so pretty! And we have an almost-complete cast! There are a couple of roles that haven't been filled and some of the people who are meant to be in it are abroad, but it's going great :D

Thanks to everyone who constantly puts up with my ramblings, I don't really have that many people to turn to recently, so thanks again!

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