24 August 2014

think happy | 46/52

Hey guys, I'm officially back from my holiday and slightly more recovered! I've had stomach pains over this weekend, but now they seem to be coming to an end, so I'm feeling slightly more optimistic about everything.

1. I had a mini photoshoot on the beach! It was incredibly cold and windy, but I bravely ditched my hoodie to get this shot, among others. I'm hoping to write up a post on all of the shots, so here's one.

2. I had so many nice meals out with my family, and I'll be showing pictures over the course of this week.

3. I play a game called Ace of Spades, and within this game I'm part of a clan called the Lime Party. There was recently a competition between teams from different clans, the Ace of Spades World Cup, and Lime Party won! Although I didn't compete, it feels great, since our clan is probably one of the least competitive clans out there! Go team!

4. Hannah came back from Italy! Missed her so much!

5. Also related to Ace of Spades, I use this awesome software/program/Idon'tknowwhattocallit called TeamSpeak, and over this week I've been using it so much to talk to my fellow teammates and friends!