3 August 2014

Think Happy...43/52...

Today is just a flying visit, I've lost track of the days and just remembered this!

1. I've been watching a lot of Sword Art Online recently, and I finished season 1 today! It was so awesome, and it almost made me cry!

2. This week has been another for relaxing. I didn't do much to be productive, but it turned out okay.

3. I was on Skype a lot too! On Friday I skyped with Harry, who I haven't spoken to in a long time; when he left I called and was speaking to Hannah for a couple of hours, which was great since I haven't really heard form her for a while. Then on Saturday I skyped Charlie during the storms we were both having, and that made it more bearable, I really hate storms!

4. On Tuesday my new leotard came in the post! I'm so excited about it because it looks so pretty and fits perfectly! I ordered it from Dance Direct, and it's a Bloch leotard with a low back, and both the front and back are pinched. It was also quite cheap (for a leo), which I was super pleased about because Bloch things are often just out of my price range, and their pointe shoes don't fit my feet. Now I get to test it out on Tuesday in contemporary :D

5. I needed my own gaming headset because I was constantly borrowing my brother's, which was annoying in more than one way. So I was browsing the internet and stumbled across a set on the Asda website, and they were only £30, yet they're a good quality headset.

As it so happened, my mum was just going up town, so she kindly picked the last set in the shop up for me! I'm so happy with them, and I'm so lucky that they're mine!

6. I've been working on a new crochet project, half from a pattern and half from my brain. You want a sneak peak? Maybe on Monday ;)

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