11 August 2014

think happy | 44/52

So this week has probably been the most productive one I've had in a while. I managed to get some things done, so much so that I forgot to write this yesterday! Anyhow, I'm writing this today instead.

1. I met up with friends on Saturday, at the festival, and had a great time! Don't have any pictures with them, shame! It was awesome.

2. My photo got on the popular page of 365 Project!

3. There's been some good tv this week, actually. The Great British Bake Off was on on Wednesday, Tumble was on on Saturday and Got To Dance was on on Saturday and Sunday, although I didn't watch it.

4. I had contemporary on Tuesday, which was great. We finished our first troupe dance, and I got to test out my new leotard. I also got offered a solo, so I've found some music out for that!

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