8 August 2014

Abs and Squats | Day 11...

Today has been a good day in general, so that put me in a good mood for the workout.

The sit ups. These weren't so bad. I could feel them a bit, but they weren't as hard as on the first day.

The crunches. I definitely felt these.

The leg raises. These weren't actually so bad today!

The plank. Was okay on my core. I did this after the squats, so I felt my thighs burn!

The squats. I found these much easier than I expected today. I did two sets of 55, and I didn't feel them as much as yesterday, although my legs were a bit shakey afterwards. My thighs are starting to feel much stronger too. I can see and feel muscles on the tops and sides, which is amazing, I didn't expect that!

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