9 August 2014

Today Will Go Down In My Diary, That's For Sure...

You may have read here that my town had a music festival today. I went with my dance school to perform two dances, one at 12, then one at 3:35.

After the first dance I went on the waltzers, since there were loads of big rides at the festival, as well as food stands. It's the fastest fairground ride I've ever been on in my life, so much so that my neck ended up almost snapping backwards and now still really hurts, yay for whiplash! But it was so fun at the same time, and Imi and I (who I shared a car with), screamed so much and had no hands for most of it. Our friend Katie was watching because she hates that ride, and now I know why!

Then I proposed that we go see our school friend Eve singing in the acoustic tent, but Katie didn't want to, so Imi and I went to watch by ourselves. Towards the end of the set my friend Dan turned up and watched with us. We've been talking for only three days, but it was so great to actually meet him!

After Eve's set we went to find Katie, and ended up just standing around talking for a bit, while she tried to rub off the glitter on my shoes. That failed.

Katie dislikes the glitter xD

Then Lydia and Sacha, more of our friends, went on a ride and we watched for a while. Dan and I decided to get away from the noisy fairground for a bit, so we went and sat in the park in the middle of town. We had so much fun!

The girls were in the car on the right

Then he walked me back to the festival and went home, so I had to be sneaky and sneak past the people collecting money for charity on the gate! I was five minutes late to where we were supposed to meet before our dance, so it was a bit awkward walking up to everyone, but oh well! I'd rather have a good time with my friends!

Anyway we danced our last Sadler's dance, I saw a girl I know called Ashleigh, then I had an ice cream with my mum and went home. That was today! Let's just say that it wasn't just the waltzers that made me feel funny!

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