1 January 2014

Happy New Year!...

Happy New Year to you all!! I hope this year will bring luck, happiness and wealth to every single one of you! Thank you all so much for reading my blog - this year I will be trying to  make it travel the world even further and get more international readers.

As for personal wishes, thank you to all of my friends who have stood by me throughout last year.

Hannah, although we haven't even been friends for a year, you have always been there for me more than anyone else has, and apparently I trust you enough to let you do my makeup! You'll make a fab makeup artist!

Nikita, I've 're-known' you for more than a year now, and I have to so I love you to pieces! We always have crazy conversations and you're always there for me!

Enough of the personal wishes, though, I hope all of you have an amazing year, and I'll be here again soon to spill the beans on a new project! Enjoy!

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