3 January 2014

Feeling Inspired and New Year's Resolutions!...

Hello my lovelies! Hasn't time passed so quickly? It only seems like the other day was Christmas, yet it was over a week ago. And it's already January 3rd!

Anyhows, you might have noticed that I've added a Bloglovin' widget to the sidebar. If you hadn't, then, well, you know now. Basically, if you have Bloglovin', all you have to do to follow me is click the picture and you'll be taken to my profile, where you can click the blue 'follow' button!

If you don't have Bloglovin' I'd highly recommend that you sign up. First of all, it's free. Secondly, it's unbelievably simple to catch up with new posts from your favourite blogs. You can just click through them, like them and leave comments as before, it's just much easier!

But if you have your own blog, you can connect it very easily, and watch as the number of followers you have keep ticking up! (Okay, I exaggerate - you still have to work hard to gain recognition, but this way it's much easier for people to find you and, if they like reading your work, follow you).

But I must mention that I only joined yesterday, so I'm not an expert yet! And I joined because my favourite blogger Lily commented on one of my previous posts and suggested it, so thankyou Lily!! I'd highly recommend you pop over to her blog and have a look, she writes about fashion, knitting and life in general, and she's so lovely!!

I hope this year to become a better blogger, really. I'd love to try out more DIYs, and gain more followers (who doesn't?!).

Some personal goals I have are to tone my body, get stronger feet and ankles for my dancing, put more work in towards my ballet, and be more organised. There's also the matter of wanting to become friends with a wider range of people, and try to be more independent.

I think that's all for this post. I'll hopefully have time to post again tomorrow, but maybe not. I'm working on a secret project with my friend Hannah and then I have a (surprise!) party! Bye for now!!

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