19 January 2014

Think Happy...15/52...

Hello again, how's your week been? Mine's not been too bad, which is, I suppose, a good thing. I just did the things I do every week, but I had fun.

1. Dancing all week! I made a new friend in my street dance class on Monday, did an intense workout with Tan and Hannah in contemporary on Tuesday, and I had a lot of fun yesterday.

As it happens, I ended up not going to Nuneaton since my dance teacher couldn't make it, but she promised that we'll go next weekend. I wasn't too affected by this change of plan, since I still got to use Kirsten's pointe shoes. They have lamb's wool in, which I can't recommend highly enough for pointework! I feel a thing when I'm up, which makes the cramping of my feet the only thing I have to worry about!

Myself and Georgie after her ballet class

Wearing Kirsten's pointe shoes

En pointe

En pointe...again

En pointe with Hannah

Pointe shoes :)
Close up of Kirsten's pointe shoes
See the lamb's wool?

They look so pretty!

They're so soft!

And they're so perfect!

2. Nail varnish! I've been completely obsessed recently, and I've painted my fingernails in a colour scheme I 'borrowed' from a girl at dance and my toenails a sparkly blue!!

3. Cats rehearsals today. I was dancing from 10am until 2pm, and now I'm so exhausted! But I had such a great time, because my friend Tanveer was there (he is the Rum Tum Tugger).

We were in hysterics for most of the time, since he's such a crazy guy! For example, he was 'kicking' me in the face, and sitting on my shoulder. That was the funniest, because he's almost 19, and I'm only 15. So yeah, we had a great time!

Oh, and we wrapped Georgie up in Minnie's knee pads!

Hop you all had a good week!

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