29 October 2014

wales | day two

It's been a long time since I wrote this, but here you go - part 2! It's a very picture heavy post!

So the first thing we did in the morning was explore the wooded are in the middle of the caravan park. It was a huge sort-of indent in the ground; there was a stream and lovely nature walks to follow.

I was trying to get a family portrait (minus myself and Eben, who chose not to join us), but ended up with this, which I find equally funny. It just shows what our crazy little family is like!

Of course, I couldn't pass this little beauty and ended up with this picture.

The walk took us down to the sea, which was incredibly windy and cold. Sometimes I really regret not taking fingerless gloves everywhere with me!

Ta-dah! A lovely portrait of my parents.

There were three gorgeous dogs  playing around on the beach whilst we were there. They wouldn't stop dancing in the water and chasing footballs that were thrown for them.

The boys were rather proud of themselves here. Gabriel has learnt the art of drawing in the sand.

Here we go. This is my absolute favourite photo of these guys!

Time for a selfie with my beautiful little brother!

And one taken when he was least expecting it!

After the beach, we ate and my family went swimming. Meanwhile, I sat in the café/restaurant with a Slushie and the wifi. As nice as it was to take a break from everyday life, there's only so long you can go without talking to your friends, mainly the ones who live abroad or were holidaying in Italy.

Anyway, then we drove the short distance into town and sat down with good old fish and chips.

We saw these birds perched on a nearby roof as we sat looking out to sea with our food. Nothing like food at the seaside! Luckily, the weather had turned for the better by this time, so we didn't get rained on.

Walking along the quay gave us some spectacular views!

This was probably my favourite part of the day. The boats looked so, so pretty!

We found a lovely little park overlooking the water here, so we sat with ice creams and listened to a local guy busking. Well, he was just sitting in the park singing with his guitar, but then everyone went up to him with money, which surprised him a lot. But he shouldn't ave been surprised; he was incredible!

When we got back to the caravan, we looked at the town we had just visited, and saw this huge amount of smoke! So glad we got out of there when we did!

It was so good watching the sun set over the sea. We'd missed it before, but it was the clearest night and looked amazing.

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