27 October 2012

Teeny-Tiny Elephant...

Hello everyone, it's really starting to feel like autumn now, so I guess it's time to give you another free pattern! Today, it's my Teeny-Tiny Elephant. You need to stuff it as you go ♥


Yarn of choice (I used DK)
Dpn needles and crochet hook to match (I used 2.25mm needles and 2.5mm hook). The hook is necessary to crochet the ears.



Kfbf - knit into front of next st, then knit into back of the st, then into front again. Makes 3 sts from 1

Make bobble (leg) - Kfbf, turn work, purl 3 sts, turn work, knit 3 sts, turn work, purl 3 sts, turn work, k3tog



Body (knitted) –

CO 2 sts and work 6 rows of i-cord.

Spit the sts onto 2 dpns.

1. Kfb around (4)

Split sts onto 3 dpns.

2. [K1, kfb] around (6)

Reposition sts so there are 2 sts on each dpn.

3-4. K around (6)

5. Kfb around (12)

6. K around (12)

7. [K1, kfb] around (18)

8-10. K around (18)

11. K11, make bobble (leg), k3, make bobble (leg), k2 (18)

12-14. K around (18)

15. Repeat round 11

16-17. K around (18)

18. K2tog around (9)

Cut yarn and draw through all 9 sts. Pull tight and weave in ends.


Ears (crocheted). Make 2 -

Magic ring, ch 1.

1. 5dc in ring (5)

2. [Inc, dc] x2, inc (8)

FO and sew to body. Weave in ends.

(Note: if you can’t crochet, knit 2 semi-circles. If you do this I’d be grateful to update this post with the patterns you used for your elephant’s ears!)


You are free to sell any elephants you make and you can link to this pattern on your blog or website, but please don’t sell this pattern or claim it as your own, link it to my blog instead. Thank you.

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