12 August 2012

Spring cleaning...

Hello everyone! I've been having a spring clean recently, and the first thing to tidy was my desk. Previously, it had been a dumping ground for things that needed to be put away; now it is my slice of heaven!

It has a shelf above which is more or less filled with books, and the main desk is clear from rubbish and just holds a few vital things (magazine folders, stationary and knitting and crochet patterns)!

As you can see, it is fairly small, but I love it!!!

This is my crafting section, along with my hen and my precious little bear, who is still awaiting a set of cute button eyes!

I use a pretty, empty jar to display my hooks in, and another to store my paperclips. The kokeshi doll is in fact a lip balm and the lilac teddy was a present from my aunt.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this sneak-peak at my slice of heaven! I'll be back soon with (hopefully) a crochet pattern!!!

Carys ♥

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