2 August 2012

My friend Sunny...

Hello again! How are you today? The weather has been really odd here again today. Tipping it down with rain one minute, then blisteringly hot the next. So I couldn't really do anything outside...

Anyway, this afternoon I had my friend Sunny round and we did lots of crochet! She hasn't been crocheting for very long, and she showed me some of the projects she's made.

Sunny made these lovely granny squares using this pattern, before edging it with this pattern. They are both from Lucy over at Attic 24 and that blog is Sunny's bible! Being new, she loves Lucy's step-by-step style and that she uses English terminology!!!

I'm also in love with my game 'The Sims 3' at the moment, which is the reason why I haven't been posting much lately! But if you get the chance to play on it, you need to have a go. It's amazing!

That's all for now, but I'll see you soon!

Carys ♥

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