3 September 2012

Looking back...

Hello again! It's the last day of my six-week summer holiday so I thought I might as well look back at my lovely time off school. During this holiday, I have had many great times with my friends and family. Let me tell you about some of them...

I've seen my friends...

I've been to my cousin and uncle's joint birthday party...
Faye is 5 now!
I've talked to my friend who I haven't seen or spoken to for 8 years!!! Her name is Nikita!

And I've had my hair cut...(Sorry - no picture of that!)

I've also made some progress on some of my crafty projects! I now have 44 squares on my blanket and have completed my baby seal.

His name is Finn!

That's all for now, folks. I'm going to start my first day of year 9 at school tomorrow in a new school uniform - I hope your day will be as exciting as mine!

Carys ♥

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